How to Study Optometry At Home: Best Online Courses for Promising Students

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Optometry is an extended branch of medicine. The main focus of optometry is on eye disorders. Doctor of optometry is one of the vital study domains of the medical field. The eye is the central part of the human body, and eye care is equally essential for good vision. 

How to Learn Optometry At Home?

Living in this age of pandemic helps us in some ways. While facing the prolonged lockdowns and living in quarantine provide us the good opportunities to explore things more by ourselves. Schools and works are all either home-based or on holidays. Utilizing this time to examine optometry is a perfect idea. Usually, many schools offer a four-year graduate degree program in Doctor of Optometry. But since it is the era of technology, we can easily take help from Google and online courses to gain more understanding of the subject. Being at home could be a perfect chance to learn about new things via the internet. 

Importance of Learning Optometry

Utilizing the help of online courses to have more knowledge and practice about optometry is a great idea. Besides providing good career opportunities, it could also help you earn extra educational credits to get the state regulatory medical licensing requirement. Taking the specialized topics of optometry in the form of courses could help you in eye care practices. Online courses provide you a good grasp of the subject by using daily lectures, assessment, and practice features. Utilizing online courses to learn optometry at home is the best option.

Best Online Courses for Optometry 

There are a good number of medical schools that are providing some of the best optometry courses. Most of these courses are for graduates with a Doctor of Optometry degree. Online courses are in the stand-alone format and provide the completion certificate after assessing your progress at the end of the course. Some of the best optometry courses designed for home-based learning are summarized following;

  1. Optometric Laser Surgery Course

This course offers excellent knowledge about the treatment of eye disorders with the help of laser surgery. Eyeglasses could also be get rid of permanently using Lasik surgery. This course explores the various kinds of laser techniques such as Selective laser Iridoplasty.

  1. Glaucoma Course

This online optometry course provides the knowledge and understanding of a particular class of ocular disorders, leading to permanent vision loss. The students use progression software to understand the case studies to interpret the visual defects in glaucoma.

  1. Ethic and Optometric Laws Course

This course provides the understanding and information of ethical issues in optometry. Students under this course review the state laws along with the changes in policies.

  1. Oral Medication Course 

This course covers the discrete causes of some uncommon eye diseases, including herpetic eye disorder. These types of eye disorders require oral medication for eye care treatment. Prescription of oral medications is the main lesson of this course.

  1. Ophthalmic Emergency Course

The optometry course covers the diagnostic methods and treatment options for eye-related emergencies, including burn, hyphemia, and blunt trauma.

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