How do you raise a child with healthy eyes

Good eye sight is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for your kids from the moment they are born through the years that they grow up. There is no sure short method that can guide you to look after your child’s eyesight rather there are multiple things that you have to look after in order to ensure that which includes diet, exercise, regular check-ups and other minute things.

When you have conceived a child, a healthy diet during pregnancy and keeping it balanced for your baby after birth ensures your child a best start for development of a good eye-sight. Your child should have a balanced diet which may include a combination of vitamins from natural sources such as fish, fruits, legumes and pulses. These sources include the following:

  • Vitamin B, C, & E
  • Omega-3
  • Zinc
  • Antioxidants in berries

With this diet there are some precautions to avoid foods which are dense in mercury such as certain species of fish as mercury can severely damage eye sight in children during their teen years when the body is developing.

Toys play an important part in early recognition of shapes and colors in young children. Toys also help kids in developing cognitive abilities whereby they are able to comprehend different shapes and also develop essential motor neurons to ensure hand eye coordination. But, you have to be extremely careful in picking these toys as sharp toys can be a potential hazard for young kids as they pose a serious threat of causing injury to the eyes. However, brightly colored toys which are safe for children can be a great source of learning for them.

As a parent, you should also keenly observe your child for apparent flaws in their eyes such as crossed eyes and even its opposite which is eyes being turned out. An eye care specialist must be contacted immediately as these conditions can be reversed in an early age. Optical experts also suggest that parents should observe the eyes of their children for any unusual haze or cloudiness in their pupils so that the eye care specialist may be able to catch an anomaly early on with the help of optometry tests.

Vitamin D is required for the metabolism to work normally and its need is even greater in developing young children as any effect in rate of metabolism can seriously affect their growth and hamper normal development. A great source of vitamin C is sunlight but sunlight also poses a threat to eyesight as it is full of unfiltered UV rays. UV rays can destroy retinal cells therefore optical care such as wearing sunglasses and shades are equally important for children as much as adults.

Children look up to adults while shaping their own behavior and they learn a great deal from their parents. Therefore, as a parent you can play a role by wearing protective gear while playing any sport so that your child learns the importance of proper equipment to protect delicate organs such as eyes.

All the care aside, it is of immense importance that your child’s eyes get periodically checked by an ophthalmologist so that it can be ensured that their eyes are being taken care of in the best possible manner and any anomaly or disease can be diagnosed and cured well in time.

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