How to stand out with THESE ‘about page’ tips!

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Your about page gives your audience an in-depth knowledge of who you are and what you do. This can be challenging for new business owners and more challenging for the women among them.

This happens because we almost never talk about ourselves or look at ourselves and our business from the perspective of a third person. In the following steps you will learn how to make an exceptional ‘About’ page for your business with tips from experts who have done this many times:

Don’t Ignore the About Page!

In search engine rankings, about pages do exceptionally well. It is because your web traffic will be more interested in becoming familiar with the business before opting to do any business with it.

An excellent about page also tells the audience a little about the people who made the business what it is today. This can be in the form of short introductions of team members or a more trending approach can be a short video of yourself at the beginning of the about page.

Form a connection with the audience

Nobody likes a person who just keeps on discussing themself. Same is the case with the about page. If it only talks about the business then it is going to be of no help for the audience. A professional tip in this regard is to talk about the audience and how your business can cater to their needs. Make them feel as if your business is all about them.

Draw their attention with a bold statement

First impression matters a lot and this is the ideal way of capturing their attention. This can be in the form of a bold statement about the entrepreneurial culture of your business to tell them that you are a forward thinking business committed to providing them with nothing other than the best.

Once their attention is drawn then you can start telling them about your business and how it has the exact solutions for the problems of the audience.

Keep your tone natural when you write

While writing your about page, imagine explaining your business to a potential customer in the same tone as you would write for them in your about page. It is natural that this tone can be different depending on the nature of business and the customer base that you are addressing but avoid giving a mechanical sound, robot like tone to the content and make it more human.

Your audience can relate to stories

Real stories and experience of other customers can help your new customers feel more relaxed and related to. They want to know the experience of other people who had a similar task at hand and your business found a solution for them. Therefore, never hesitate to showcase the feedback or at least a small chunk of it on your about page. These endorsements go a long way in making your new customers feel safe and comfortable while doing business with you.

While making your about page just remember that people are interested in knowing you better and the best way you can do that is create relationship with your company that will last for a lifetime.

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