The Stress Brought About by Online Schooling

Due to COVID-19, we are in lockdown and all the educational institutions are closed. Everyone has to work from home to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. In this situation, all the educational institutions have launched their online learning sessions.

Although this technique is not new and millions of students have been taking online courses even before this lockdown. But for most of the students and teachers, this technique is new and most of them are not happy with it. For some students, it is even stressful.

Following are some reasons for stress in students caused by online learning

– Fear of not learning anything:

Some students are in stress because they think that they are not learning anything at all from this online learning system. They think that they are only wasting their time in online classes as they were not used to getting their classes on their laptops or computers. Their minds were not used to it. They just waste their time on their mobile phones and at the end of the day when they think about it that they are not doing anything right and that makes them stressed.

– Lack of direct contact:

Some students are having trouble in online classes because they are not in direct contact with their teachers and their classmates. In regular classes, they can ask any questions about the lecture to their teachers during the lecture and they get responses from their teachers and they get their answers instantly. But in online classes it is different you have to wait for the teacher to respond. Maybe your question is replied the other minute if the teacher is also online or maybe it will take a few hours or in another case you get your question answered the next day. Not being able to be in direct contact with their teachers is also one of the reasons for increasing stress levels in students.

– Sense of being isolated:

Before lockdown students used to go to schools, colleges, or universities and meet their friends, classmates, and teachers. But now due to lockdown, they are locked inside their home. They are not able to meet their friends and spend time in their educational institutions as they used to do. While attending their online class they feel isolated as they are not surrounded by their classmates and the teacher is not in front of them. Feeling isolated is another reason for increasing stress levels in students.

– Not being scheduled:

In online classes, to be focused and to follow a schedule is important. Unfortunately, some students feel it difficult to stick to a schedule and focus on their online classes while they are at home. During their online classes, they get distracted and get unfocused. The students have to put themselves by the collar and force themselves to follow the schedule. But most of the students don’t have the nerve to do it and, in the end, they get stressed.

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