5 Phone Passcode Tricks to Keep Your Phone secure

It is important to keep you phone secure in this day and age, when your phone carries all your personal information, to private data and even your financial information. If you are looking to protect your data and phone, here are some of the ways that you can keep people out of your device.

Use Longer Passcodes

Tech gurus will tell you that six- and four-digit passcodes are weak. If you have a four digit code, it means a hacker only has to go through 10,000 different codes, and if you have a six digit code, it means that he will need to go through 1 million different codes to get to the right one.

Even though it seems like a lot but with the help of a computer, it means in matter of minutes a hacker will know your passcode. According to one expert, it takes 11.1 hours to break a six-digit code whereas just 6.5 minutes to break a four-digit code, if the hacker has the right tools.

So, the best thing you can do is to pick the largest string of numbers, you possibly can for your passcode, if you have one that is numerical. Even if you have a phone that allows only 4- and 6-digit codes, you can still easily change the password to a longer numeric sequence by going in the password settings.

Use Alphanumeric Passcode

This is another trick that can keep your devices secure. Instead of choosing a single number or word, use a passcode that has a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. You can also use sentences that are a phrase and alternate the characters.

For example, you can choose a passcode “@getoutofmyphonenow2020”, “tom&jerrysince2000”, etc.

Do Not Use Common or Personal Numbers

Many people while picking out a passcode, pick very common numbers like 1234567, 1111111, or as such. This is not a good idea. Any person trying to access your phone will first try to use these common numbers. On the other hand, using a number like your date of birth, year of birth, your parents’ date of birth, is also not a good idea. A person who has gotten a hold of your phone may also have other methods to access your private information.

In order to choose a secure code, pick one that only you would know and s unlikely to be on some kind of documentation.

Use All Available Characters

If you really want to protect your phone, on trick is to use all the available characters like uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. This make it really hard for a person to access your phone. Why? Because an 8 lettered lowercase passcode can have up to 208 billion possible combinations. If you add at least one of every required character, this passcode jumps to over 1 quadrillion possibilities.

If a person has gotten hold of your phone and trying to crack it open, with a password as this one, they will give up after a few days or weeks.

Change Your Passcode Often

The easiest trick you can employ is to change your password as often as you can. Your password is only good till someone figures it out. In case that happens, changing your password regularly can help you keep our data safe. One thing to remember however is to not change so often that you forget it yourself.

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