Five Things to Look For an Eye Doctor:

It was believed that with increasing age, your eye sight becomes weaker. But, this is not the case now. With the accessibility of smart phones and smart technology, gadgets etc. our on screen time has increased to a large extent which has taken a toll on our vision which is why poor vision is not a health concern of old age anymore. Now-a-days we see 10 year old kids wearing prescription glasses.

Keeping in mind this state of affairs, it is best that you don’t leave your ophthalmologist appointments for your later years of life. We would suggest that you start searching for a good eye doctor and schedule monthly or even once in every 2, 3 months visits to prevent whatever is coming ahead in the form of poor vision. But, finding a good eye doctor is a task on its own. So, here are few tips and tricks to help you find a good ophthalmologist:

  1. Reputation:

When it comes to health, there should not be any compromise. This may sound cliché but, it is true that “Health is Wealth”. You cannot enjoy the luxuries and quirks of life if you are not in good state of health. Your vision is important and this is why you should do your complete research and read reviews (both positive and negative ones) before choosing an eye clinic and ophthalmologist.

  • Experience:

In the field of medicine, experience is really important. The time and years spent in a field of work bring great wisdom which can be beneficial for you. An experienced eye doctor can help in detecting issues without relying on tests and lab reports. An experienced individual is less likely to waste your time and money by experimenting and following the hit and trial method. An experienced eye doctor knows exactly what tests to conduct and how to follow the management plan.

  • Referrals:

This is one of the very important tips. You can always ask your general physician or primary care doctor, a friend, colleague or relative for their recommendations and referral. Discuss your issues and concerns with your fellows. It is likely that someone near you has some good recommendations and experience stories that might be helpful for you. Take all your time research the doctor’s experience and credentials. Also, make sure to check with your insurance company to ensure that your eye care needs are covered. Often times insurance companies can also help you track good eye specialists.

  • Communication Style:

When you first interact with your eye doctor, pay attention to how he/she responds and attends to your needs. A good eye doctor will communicate with you, listen to your concerns and answers you in a way that you can understand. Other than this, a good eye doctor or any other doctor for that matter will show interest in your issues, consider your preferences and guide you in your decision making process while respecting your decisions and maintaining doctor-patient confidentiality.  Look for all these signs when you go to meet your eye doctor.

  • Qualification & Advance Medical Equipment:

When you are looking for an eye specialist, look for his qualifications and degrees. You can even counter check whether the mentioned qualifications of your eye specialist are valid or from certified institutes or not. Take a look at the medical equipment being used at your eye clinic. It is best that high quality and advanced medical equipment is being used by the doctor to minimize the risk of error and deviation in test results.

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