Tricks To Help Your Memory

As we age we are all asking that one question: What are we supposed to do with our lives? Followed closely by: How do I improve my memory? All valid questions. And the second one is the easiest to answer. Memory is dependent on the strength and vitality of your brain. This is also dependent on your life choices. Such as following a healthy diet, keeping from smoking, and keeping blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure in check.

One way to keep your brain in perfect health is to work it out. The brain is a muscle and when it is worked out it gets stronger. A way to do this is to do something that is challenging or new to you. Never learned how to play chess? Great look up the rules. Never learned Guitar? There are some great teachers online. There are countless ways for you to work out your brain and the results are often very rewarding. 

While exercising your brain is very important, rest is important as well. Your brain is a muscle and it does need breaks. Now this isn’t saying cut some activities, this is just saying that breaks are good. Keeping your brain nice and healthy improves its performance and exercise for the rest of the body help the blood flow, which takes oxygen to the brain. Take the time and develop a healthy sleep schedule and cut out electronics an hour before bed. The blue light that electronics emit suppress the melatonin which makes you sleepy. 

Another way to improve brain function and help you remember is to make plans to hang out with friends. Humans are very social beings. We are not meant to be in isolation but to grow and thrive together. Meeting and spending time with others may be the best kind of brain exercise. However, don’t always go out.  Staying in is not necessarily a bad thing. Be willing to say no and manage your stress. Take breaks throughout the day, express your emotions and try to focus on one thing at a time. Your own health is a major key in keeping your brain functionality in tip top shape. Now when people say that laughter is a magical cure, they’re not entirely wrong. Laughter is a good way to engage the brain. It activates multiple parts of the brain at once improving brain activity. 

Remember to take steps to improve learning and memory. Keep up with a healthy diet, engage in brain workouts, manage your stress, and be sure to get out and hang out with friends. Try to connect what you are learning with things you already know. One, it makes what you are learning easier to remember, and two, it will be easier to remember things at any given time. Try to associate what you are learning to pictures or colors or hand movements. It will trigger the brain and will be easier to remember certain facts and information. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, because your general health will transfer over to your brain.

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