Law School Scandal

In case you have been watching the news recently then you might have heard about the admission scandal that happened at Texas Southern University. According to the statement that was passed by the regents of the University’s Board, two students have been wrongfully studying in the university. The scandal happened in the Thurgood Marshall School of Law and has led to some of the high-rank officials of the said school losing their jobs. The news spread out in November and before long, the local media got involved as well.

As stated by the University’s Board of Regents, the now-former assistant dean helped a student get admission and scholarship in the university. The student applied for the law school and when they failed to get in through legal procedures, they bribed the mentioned assistant dean and offered them $14,000 cash. The assistant dean accepted the money and admitted the student in the Thurgood Marshall School of Law of Texas Southern University along with financial aid.

In the second case, the same assistant dean “ facilitated a fraudulent ” with the transfer application. The assistant dean immediately gave his resignation as soon as the word reached the higher authorities and they started the investigation.

The major problem arose when the outbreak of the scandal also became the reason the president of the Texas Southern University lost his job. As soon as the investigation confirmed the news Dr. Austin Lane who was the President of the University at the time was fired, a position that he had held since 2016. And although he was nowhere involved in the process, his lack of check and balance of the whole admission process led to such unfortunate news. 

“ The Texas Southern University Board of Regents voted today to propose the termination of Dr. Austin A. Lane. This action is based on an audit committee’s finding that Dr. Lane violated his contract, including the termination for cause provision. His actions relate in part to failure to report to the board information relating to improper payments for admissions to the Thurgood Marshall School of Law and for the improper awarding of scholarships to students, which led in part to the initiation of a comprehensive investigation. “

It was mentioned in the termination letter that together, Lane and his assistant, helped another law school official that no longer worked there in misrepresentation of Law School Admission Test score to the American Bar Association. All these cases are going through the investigation process and it has been said that the board has hired three different law firms for their assistance in the entire investigation.

Lane only has 30 days to defend himself and that is all that he is determined to do. During the meeting, Lane openly called every single allegation against him a lie. Lane and his attorney, Darryl Charter, also rejected the settlement that was offered by the board. In his words, the reason being;

“Why? Because we didn’t do anything,“

” So we’ll be back in 30 days.”

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