Northwestern Sells Hospice, Home Health Offerings To Journey Care

With the beginning of the month of June 2019, came a transaction between Northwestern Memorial HealthCare and JourneyCare. Journey Care, which is a hospice based in Glenview, bought the health care services, hospice and home health programs of the Northwestern Memorial HealthCare. This move is reported to have increased their ability to serve certain counties such as DuPage, DeKlab and Kane.

Very little information on the sell was disclosed, and therefore; the reason remains unknown. Additionally, the terms of the deal also remain undisclosed. Before the purchase, JourneyCare had partnered with Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Before the sale, the Centegra Health System, which had also partnered with JourneyCare, become integrated into the NorthWestern Family.

In 2015, JourneyCare had merged with two providers that specialized in end- of life care. The name of the two providers includes the Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter and the  Horizon Hospice & Palliative Care.

The company, which is also a non- hospice care provider grew in size and reported an increase in patient volume. Inadvertently, it ranked as the largest hospice care provider in the state of  Illinois.

With JourneyCare purchasing the health care services, hospice and home health programs of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, it has also increased in size and capability.

The president and CEO of JourneyCare, Sarah Boburka,  does give a little insight into the motivation that prompted the move of purchase. According to her, it is more of a response to rapidly growing ageing population and the rise in demand for home health care. The organization seeks to offer more health care options for the ageing and those suffering from terminal illnesses. Their overall mission is to fill in the missing gap in health care for those in need of such services and improve the overall quality of life for their patients.

By purchasing the health care services, hospice and home health programs of the Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, JourneyCare has increased the type of services they can offer. Now, the non- profit organization boasts of a number of services including palliative care and grief support.

Notably, they also provide in-home care who prefer to have hospice care from the comforts of their home. This is an alternative that has allowed millions to cut down on health care costs that often rake up if one opts for the hospital curative approach.

They couldn’t have done it at a better time, as reports significantly show the growth of hospice care worldwide. There is definitely a demand in the health care industry that needs to be met. For instance, as stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, home health care professionals are among the most sought after professionals. It is a fast-growing occupation that can offer anyone a steady income and secure career.

In conclusion, JourneyCare has grown significantly since it purchased the particular programs and services from Northwestern Memorial HealthCare. They are undoubtedly committed to offering the best hospice care beyond the state of Illinois. 

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