Resort or Hospice?

The increase in hospice care within American remains to be an indisputable truth. In fact, according to the National Home and Hospice Care Survey (NHHCS), of all the hospice patients of 2017, 14% of them preferred inpatient hospice care. Research shows that at least 7 out of 10 Americans, wish to spend the remainder of their lives being taken care of from home.

Hospice care offers a great degree of comfort and care to ageing individuals as well as those facing terminal illnesses. They not only offer the support that the patient so greatly needs, but also offers incomparable companionship and dignity.

For instance, the five rated River Valley Home Health and Hospice is largely popular within the State of Arizona because it meets all the standard requirements and more. With a trained staff that is fully experienced and equipped to handle clients professionally yet offer a sense of companionship, the stand at the forefront of the home health care industry.

Hence, it is not a surprise, a number of hospices such as the River Valley Home Health and Hospice are usually compared to resorts. By offering a myriad of services and assisted care that ranges from occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy just to name a few, it’s easy to see why. Additionally, high- performing hospices offer their care at individual’s homes and manage to ensure that all the essential amenities are at the client’s disposal.

Below are some of the amenities that can be found at top-rated hospice facilities, including the River Valley Home Health and Hospice. Notably, these amenities help improve the client’s quality of life.

Medical Supplies

The clients can access any sort of medical supply and/or equipment that is relevant to their condition or illness. The hospice, of course, ensures that this is so. From comfortable beds, walkers and wound supplies to wheelchairs, a hospice should be a well of medical supplies and equipment.

Each and every single medical supply is aimed at ensuring that the home health care professionals are able to manage pain effectively. Additionally, these supplies are essential for providing maximum comfort and support.

Personal Care

Home health caregivers are trained to meet the personal care needs of the patient. This includes everything from grooming to meeting the emotional and social needs of the patients. Aides and nurses are required to observe any changes emotionally and socially so as to provide the necessary support adequately.


Another great advantage of hiring a hospice to care for a loved one or you are the medical advantages that come with it. The Hospice is required to deliver all the necessary medications to your home at no cost at all.


As noted earlier, the River Valley Home Health and Hospice facility offers a number of therapy treatments, and rightly so. Therapy is mandatory to all hospice facilities that seek to meet the needs of their patients adequately. For instance, physical therapy is geared toward treating and managing physical pain. 

Living under hospice care can easily be equated to living in a resort. With all the above-mentioned amenities so readily available, you can be assured that your loved one is well-taken care off.

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