The Top Company Team Building Activities

There are many perks of company team building activities, and in addition to helping employees find better ways to handle challenges with grace, group activities can enhance team player’s collaborative problem-solving skills consequently, thus bringing them together to clearly define roles and tasks that can help them work together more effectively and solve challenging problems.

Team building events have proven time and again to stimulate creativity, engagement, and innovation. However, companies need to create an environment where employees can collaborate so that they, in turn, can build effective groups and work together. The following are fun and interactive company team building activities that when approached correctly, can boost performance and lead to productive results among employees:

  1. 2120Archery Tag – In addition to being an interactive game, archery can be just as therapeutic as it is a sports workout that will leave team players sweaty and satisfied due to the repetitive motions of drawing and firing a bow. Not only does it improve hand-eye coordination, but it is also a recreational activity that requires mental focus, analytical skills, balance, and patience. The key to winning in archery tag is communication and working as a team to adapt, prioritize, and form tactics to help you gain the advantage and survive an onslaught.
  2. Beat the Box – If you enjoy gamification and experiential team building activities, then you must try this innovative mobile room escape game that can be played in any location like conference hotels, restaurants or castles plus it adapts to any number of players from 15-5,000. In Beat the Box, players work to open a box that holds 4 cases containing escape-room style challenges which must be solved in time in order to open the next case and ultimately discover a mystery watchword which will stop the clock.
  3. Need for Speed – This is yet another popular team building activity that has its merits and purpose, plus it can be customized to each group. Need for Speed is a team activity for compliance and collaboration because not only is it designed to workmates appreciate the process of improvement, but it also helps them learn how to quickly adapt to a changing workforce environment. It is a fun, frantic and highly-rewarding game that is ideal for both junior management top executives and in this case, all teams must be ultra-efficient and review their overall performance in order to improve themselves constantly. They must also communicate to ensure efficiency and quality within a realistic environment.
  4. Nerf Battle – It makes for the perfect recreational activity for a company team-building event because teams come together to play war games using Nerf guns, foam darts, and simulated warfare without the pain and mess – only safety protection you need is safety glasses. However, to get the upper hand on your enemies, cooperation and tactics are key plus players need to be quick on their feet regardless of personal fitness level and trigger happy to tackle numerous games modes and win.

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