Somebody Put Sunglasses on A Bunny and It Started an Epic Photoshop Battle

Who doesn’t love bunnies? They remind us of the holiday season and memories of time spent with family. So one person decided to take his love for bunnies a little further and put sunglasses on a bunny. His intention was probably just to put out a photo of a bunny with sunglasses for the world to enjoy and smile about it. But the reaction to this photo was very epic and unexpected. It actually started a Photoshop battle. The internet has an army of Photoshop battles who took it as an opportunity to battle it out for the best photo shopped ‘bunny in sunglasses’ photo.

The top ten Photoshops include:

  1. #Bunbusters

This photo had a final score of 216. The photo had a bunny wearing sunglasses standing next to a dude with glasses. According to the voters, the photo was the best because one could not tell the difference between the two. Too bad for the dude! The pudgy noses in the photo were somewhat funny and drew attention at first glance.

This Photoshop had a final score of 195. It is a photo of a bunny wearing sunglasses dressed in some type of uniform, probably army uniform. This photo is not only epic but also hilarious. It literally depicts this little adorable animals as having some serious confidence levels.

In this photo, a bunny is seated on the passenger seat of a police car, dressed in police uniform and of course sunglasses to complete the ‘bad cop’ look. It had a score of 127. The bunny looks as though it is heading for a car chase. Quite interesting!

  • # You know you love

Everybody loves a love story especially a bunny love story. This photo is of a bunny couple, driving probably for a date and wearing some pretty classy sunglasses. It scored 124 which is quite surprising. The score should have been higher.

  • #Kaboom

This photo is of a bunny pressing on a red button which just means something bad is about to go down, may be a bomb. It is as though the bunny was thinking “I just want to see what this red button is does.”

  • #Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas

Summer in Las Vegas is what this photo is all about. A bunny in sunglasses driving down the freeway, wind blowing through his fur. Once you see this photo, you’ll want to hitch the next ride to Las Vegas.

  • #Don’t Phuck with De Jesus

This 91 score photo is of a bad ass bunny who looks like an enforcer for a drug cartel.

  • #Rabbit and Goose

A collaboration between a rabbit and goose. How does that work?

  • #Biker bunny

This bunny looks like the Rabbit in one of Michael Jackson’s songs. Quite cute and hilarious.

For more of the Photoshop battle, visit Get a taste of what you are missing out if you don’t have a pair of sunglasses.

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