Top Ten Barbers in Orange County

The barbershop has been the fortress of male solitude for many years, some going to the
point of even romanticizing the idea of a dude going to a building marked with a striped red
and white pole to get their follicles pruned. In Orange County, you will find barbers who
adhere to the old school barbershop philosophy. The best barbershops in the county are:
a. Hawleywood’s Barber Shop
This barber shop is decorated with vintage chairs and fedora-wearing talent that give you
the 40s vibe. It is the place to come when you want to enjoy yourself with every old-school
session lasting about 45 minutes.
b. Golden Crown Barber Shop
This barbershop offers affordable cuts and shaves in a setting that can be best described as
old school. For men who want a great cut or shave with some good talk in with friendly
barbers, then this is the place to be.
c. Logan Bros. Shaving Co.
This barber looks like a place where men can really be men. The environment gives off an
old-home type of feel. It is a great place for visitors to come in and get a hot-towel shave
and just hang out. There is an abundance of old-timey signage, a row of classic Stetson
fedoras for sale waiting for you in the waiting area.

d. The Den Barber Shop & Shave Parlor
Isn’t is more than manly to have a vintage American flag hanging against wood paneled
walls and old barber chairs? This is what the Den Barber Shop offers to residents. A place
where you can get a cut in a vintage barber setting at a very affordable price. Everything in
this barber harkens to the barbers of the 60’s.
e. Cuts and Glory Barber Shop
Despite the time you have to spend waiting in line, this barber shop offers you time to enjoy
the screens placed strategically, shooting some pool or enjoying a cold drink. The
environment is keenly crafted to promote conversations with other patrons and the staff as
f. Fine Men’s Salons
Do you want to inject a little extra pampering into your hair-cutting experience, then this is
the place to be. Scalp treatments, brow waxing and manicures are all offers on the table for
you to enjoy.
g. Metro for Men
This is a hybrid between old-school male sanctuary and modern luxury experience. There
are all kinds of accoutrements to give it that special refuge feel.
h. OC Barbers Parlor
If you are looking for a place that values your time and does a great job at delivering what
you want, then you should go to the OC Barbers Parlor.

i. Faded Barber Shop
Faded Barber’s motto is that every day is a good day to look good and they do their best to
make this true for their clients. For that special look for an event or a simple fresh work
look, Faded barbers have got your covered.
j. Harbor Barber
The innumerable positive reviews about this barber speak enough about it. This traditional
barber shop has so many great things to offer to its clients.
Your barber can be your man-cave but it has to be the best barber shop in Orange County.

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