Humanity’s Effect on the Environment

Humans are the habitants on this earth and their actions directly impact the physical environment of earth in many ways. Human population is increasing tremendously and with this overpopulation demand of sources is also increasing as well as consumption of fossil fuels, deforestation and air pollution. Mostly these changes are leading to negative impacts on… Read More Humanity’s Effect on the Environment

How has Coronavirus affected our environment?

The coronavirus has caused numerous impacts on almost everyone in the world. This virus, despite its relatively short lifespan, has forced all concerned people to stay far from any potential carrier. The virus has caused many deaths worldwide and due to the necessary precautions has affected the economy and has increased unemployment significantly whereas it… Read More How has Coronavirus affected our environment?

How Illegal routes damage the environment?

The environmental impacts of illegal routes range from an immediate detrimental effect on the target species and incidental loss of non-target species, to a long-term deterioration in ecosystem services with regional and global consequences. Many case studies illustrate various types of environmental impacts, and additionally provide examples of socioeconomic consequences of these impacts, where such… Read More How Illegal routes damage the environment?