How Long Does It Take to Get “Fully Used To” Wearing Contacts? 

People who wear prescription glasses and haven’t ever had a clear vision without wearing a frame of glasses on their eyes dream of wearing contact lenses. And it has been accepted that contact lenses may be one attractive alternative to wearing only glasses as they don’t affect your appearance.

But along with this added benefit, you also have to put away some of the adjustment periods. Your eyes do not get used to wearing contacts right when you wear them.

You have to let your eyes have their time getting used to contacts. There are numerous benefits of switching from glasses and moving to contacts. Contact lenses let you see the world without wearing bulky glasses that steal the beautiful peripheral vision that you can have with contacts.

They are just ideal for people in sports and people who are always on the go. Cool sunglasses, having fun eye makeup, and a lot more can be your options when you are picking to wear contact lenses. 

But How Long Do Your Eyes Take to Get Used to Lenses?

There is some duration of an adjustment period. You can expect that it may take around 10 to 12 days for the contact lenses to feel fully adjusted to your eyes. After all, your eyes are highly sensitive parts of your body, and they should be taken with care. Contact lenses have the technology that has come a far way since the first contact lenses were made in 1887.

Those very early contacts were made from glass! But the ones made today are painless and soft. You can expect the edges of the lenses to feel for a few initial times when you wear the contacts. But your eyes will get accustomed to the feeling of having contacts in them. Eventually, you will forget that you are even wearing them.

If you feel irritation, it may be a sign that your lenses are dirty or you are wearing them inside out.

You, Will, Must Put Some Practice When You Are Wearing Them for The First Time:

When you take enough care while wearing the contact lenses, you will feel it better to wear those silicone lenses. Putting in contact lenses may seem a bit complicated, but it shouldn’t have to be. Once you have mastered putting the lenses in, it must soon become your second nature. 

A Few Tips for You Are as Follows:

  • Wash your hands and dry them over a clean and lint-free towel. It will keep you from irritating your eyes with tiny particles or dust. 
  • Remove the contact lenses from the case using your index finger. Always be gentle as contacts can tear very easily. 
  • Always make sure that the contact isn’t inside out. If edges are flaring to the out, then it is inside out. Gently flip the contacts to the right position. 
  • Lubricate contact lenses using a drop of eye solution 
  • Hold your eyes open with your index finger and the thumb of the other hand. 
  • Stare outwards straight and then place the lens inside slowly and gently 
  • Wait until you are feeling the lens rest against your eyes. Then blink a few times and make sure it is well settled in your eyes 
  • Repeat the whole process for the other eye
  • You can get a contact lenses pair from that has been serving different families for 35 years and helping them see! 

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