Is There Benefit to Physical Therapy Before Surgery?

Are you going to get your surgery done? If so, you must think about physical therapy before your surgery date. Physical therapy before having surgery done assists you with a fast recovery, and not only once your surgery is done. We will tell you about the importance of going to a physical therapist before your surgery is done.

Why are you getting surgery?

People might need surgeries for different reasons. It might be needed to remove any disease tissues, fix a broken bone, impact some electronic devices, explore a condition for diagnosis reasons, and remove any structure. Some of the most common surgeries are cesarean section, appendectomy, coronary artery bypass, hip replacement, and low back surgery.

How to get ready for surgery?

If you plan to get the surgery done, you will want to get ready for it. This means taking care of your external and internal health and being in an ideal condition that you may be before you get the process done. You must ensure that you are having enough sleep, eating the right food, and staying active. You must also consider physical therapy before and after the surgery.

The benefit to physical therapy before surgery:

The benefits of getting physical therapy before surgery include:

  • Lessen pain
  • Increase stamina
  • Restore range of motion
  • Reduce the recovery time and stay in hospital
  • Reduce after surgery complications

Different studies have shown that working alongside a physical therapist before getting your surgery assists your joints and muscles around the surgery area. It then results in a faster recovery with a lot better outcome. Pre rehabilitation after surgery strengthens your body for sure.

A physical therapist may explain how your ligaments, joints, and muscles work together. He will also measure your current range of movement and discuss your goals once your surgery recovery has started

Some people may also find that they need surgery around two weeks prior and benefit from the physical therapy. The whole reason for physical therapy after having surgery is to assist the patient in achieving optimal physical movement. A physical therapist will also examine your medical history and assess your strength, functioning, breathing

How to choose a physical therapist?

You can choose a physical therapist based on his previous clients and their remarks. A client can suggest to you about any physical therapist as he would have taken his services and would have the best suggestions for you. Having pre-operative physical therapy also helps reduce your post-operative care by as get as 29% in patients with a total hip replacement or total knee replacement.

 Not only does this mean that you will be saving your overall costs, but it also means that your recovery time is very reduced. You may be able to see results in as few as one to two pre-operative physical therapy sessions are focused very less on building your muscle or making your flexibility a lot better and training on walkers etc.

This is the entire list of benefits of physical therapy before surgery. It would help if you tried having the right therapy to heal a lot faster after your surgery.

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