Need help! What can a home health aide help you with?

The home health aide called a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) provides direct care to clients served. These medical professionals work under the licensed nurse or a therapist and are all well suited to seniors who aren’t ready for skilled nursing but require more than the services of a spouse or companion.

Mostly, home health clients are individuals that are living with chronic illnesses or disabilities. The home health aide may help in improving any senior life in these ways:

1.   Helps with ADLs:

Part of living freely is like tending to ADLs or the activities of one daily living such as grooming, bathing, dressing, and using the washroom. Home health aides can help with these basic daily tasks, preserving autonomy in their own house or residential community.

A few examples might include using mobility aids or equipment such as slings or lifts when helping or transporting a senior.

2.   Provides light housekeeping:

One part of aging in any place or one’s house is overseeing and tending to one’s home that includes a degree of laundry and housekeeping. A home health aide may help with the daily tasks that make a huge difference in a person’s life, such as taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, or doing a lot of wash. A clean environment is always a healthy place to live in.

3.   Helps in preparation of meals:

Some home health aide providers may also help prepare meals that can help a client overcome any hurdles to nutritious eating, such as rides to the store or an ability to cool and stand.

The home health aide might also give some food prep, getting healthy options at hand for seniors of simply heating and eating on mealtime. Most home health aides might also offer companion care to run different chores such as shopping for groceries.

4.   Gives medication reminders:

While a home health aide has a limited responsibility when it is the case of patients’ medications, they also serve as an ideal way to encourage and keep reminding the clients about taking their medications on time.

The home health aide is in the perfect position to share important information with senior providers of medication management, issues, or needs serving as a go-between in most cases.

The home health aide might also observe and monitor a patient’s response to changes or other side effects.

5.   Assist in control of infection:

One of the most hidden hazards for seniors or people living with disabilities is having infections, and it may debilitate and kill a healthy individual if left untreated. Home health aides have been trained in the control of infection and infectious diseases management.

They are experienced at coping with C-Diff, MRSA, and other illnesses which the elderly, hospitalized, or housebound patients are prone to. They may keep a patient healthy and infection-free and help keep the environment clean of pathogens that may cause issues.

These are some ways home health aide can help the elderly and improve their lifestyle in many ways. Health care aid can be availed easily by applying for it, and it won’t be a long process as well. What is better than having mental and physical therapy all at the ease of your home’s access?

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