Physical Therapy For People Over 70 Years In Age

Physical therapy is not only for recuperation after an injury or a fall. In well-maintained hospital care, many patients receive physical therapy all included in their program. Physical therapy may help the elderly in strengthening their weak muscles and also build mobility. It can help build endurance, so that a patient may enjoy physical hobbies such as gardening or golf for a longer duration of time.

Types of physical therapy:

Almost all kinds of physical therapy include exercise, whether it is strengthening to help reduce joint stress or weightlifting to build muscle. Mostly, a daily regimen is designed for the patient, considering illness, injury or limitations, or movement. Exercises might be performed with or without external help, depending on a patient’s needs.

Other kinds of physical therapy include specialized wound care, manual therapy, hydrotherapy in which the trained professionals manipulate the body to let the strained muscles be relaxed, enhance more flexibility, or increase circulation. Massage and some kinds of chiropractic care are included in this category.

Is physical therapy good for old people?

People over 70 years of age will have to get some kind of physical therapy even they are sick or not. as at this age, there is very reduced physical movement and hence no rushed or boosted blood flow to any part of the body. But when external help is provided and physical therapy is carried out, they get to feel more energized, relaxed and lifted in the mood.

If the elderly doesn’t have any major physical limitations, it is suggested to do a minimum of 2 hours and 30 min of aerobic activity every week. you should take your physical condition into account so that you don’t fall into any difficulty while doing the exercises.

Consulting your doctor or physical therapist for more recommendations over a weekly regimen may help you maintain your health and activity level.

Physical therapy after an illness or fall:

Falls are a major reason of injury for seniors. Rates of illness are also greater as your immune system might weaken at such an age. if you have also experienced a serious illness or injury, physical therapy will be a vital part of your recovery process. Most patients choose to enter the post-acute care facility centers so that they can recover after they have fallen and gotten some sort of injury.

Other kinds of physical therapy include hydrotherapy, special wound care, and also manual therapy in which a trained professional will check the body and will relax the muscles strained. It will prove to be a huge help for you to get rid of body pains and sore muscles.

Whether you are recovering from illness or injury, or know that you are heading to a planned surgery, physical therapy may help you get your life back on track. You should definitely not miss out on taking physical therapy.

People over 70 years of age need to take well care of themselves so that they can continue living a healthy lifestyle whatsoever.

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