A Guide to Getting In touch with Your Spirituality

To get in touch with your spirituality first of all one needs to understand the meaning of spirituality. Many people confuse it with religion but that’s not true. According to google spirituality means “The quality of being concerned with human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”. In simple words, it means to connect with something more than one’s self. Here are a few things which might help you in getting in touch with spirituality.


To understand spirituality, your mind must be clear of all the unnecessary thoughts. Meditation is just a way to calm your mind, a calm mind helps in clearer vision. There are many types of meditation like spiritual, focused, mantra, mindfulness meditation. Select the right type of meditation and start working on it. This is the most important factor, to begin with.

It is not necessary to do meditation just as described, there are no hard and fast rules. Some people feel calm by reading books, listening to music, having a peaceful walk, lighting a candle, and much more. It is all about what brings peace to you.

Look for signs:

As you are looking for spiritual existence, certain things in our surroundings happen which make us believe in its presence. These signs are nothing in particular but what just happens in our daily life and is so common that we do not pay any heed towards them and often confuse them with being just a coincidence. For example, certain opportunities hit up when you aren’t even looking for them say, a business opportunity pops up in your life out of the blue or if someone’s name keeps appearing. These signs are as common as they could get, one has to pay a little bit more focus towards them.

Trust your Gut:

Sometimes about certain things you have this feeling of intuition, the know-how of what might happen, a feeling of fear, anxiousness and we often ignore it thinking that it might not be true. But, it is perfectly fine to go with your gut feeling not only when you are looking for a spiritual side but also in a normal routine. Whatever the situation, always pay attention to it.

Know your background:

To understand your spiritual side, it is important to understand your religious background so that it becomes easy to know your preferences, what aspects of religion feel important to you. These preferences will help to get in touch with your spirituality.

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