The Covid-19 vaccine and seniors

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to huge loss of human lives globally and has presented us with different challenges. However, elder people are more prone to infection. The adults who are above 60 are more vulnerable to get covid-19., especially those who have pre-existing medical conditions such as heart and lung disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension. Research shows that the fatality rate is said to be much higher in older people, globally.

Decision-makers when making decisions according to healthcare should include a health care program for elderly people too. Older people have the right to healthcare and the services with everyone else. There should be no discrimination in accessing the services. The elder people are always overlooked in developing the humanitarian strategy. Regarding Covid-19 the risk posed to people. They should be considered in decision-making at all levels.

It is important to encourage elderly people to practice some protective measures. These include washing hands regularly with soap and water for almost 20 seconds. They should maintain at least 6 feet distance between the other people. Moreover, they should follow the workplace preventive measures such as working from home.

If the elderly people have pre-existing medical conditions such as lung, liver, and kidney diseases, we should try the following preventing measures such as any healthy family member should be designated for the care of elder people at home. Assess the status of health regularly so that it can be easy if they have contracted the covid-19. Preferably their temperature should be checked at least twice a day. An intensive health care plan for older people, consulting their health care providers should be regularized.
If an older person has contracted Covid then one should notify the authorities and they should be isolated proximately. The patient and the people living with the patient should wear masks with protective measures. Telemedicine should be provided to them so that they are not exposed to the outer world. The elder positive covid patient should not allow the visitors to meet them until they are fully recovered.

Family members should also focus on older people’s mental health and wellbeing. An affectionate communication will aid in reducing one’s stress, sadness, and anxiety. They should make sure that the elderly people are provided with emotional support as already they are going through a difficult time.

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