For most people, the holidays are the busiest time of year. These are the times when people decide to organize parties, meetups and, trips to other places. It is also the time when people decide to clean and decorate their houses which they were neglected since they are busy with their work. We are always so busy with the preparation like where to meet and what to eat that we forget the most important factor which is communication. Sadly, we can’t always be there for our loved ones over the holidays. But during this time, it is easier to connect with everyone since you have got fewer things on your plate.

So here are the tips which you can use to connect with your loved ones on holidays even if you are miles away:

  1. Make a meal together or send it to those who can’t cook it:

Invite your loved ones over and cook the dish that everyone loves or you can even try the new dish and get honest reviews from them. Cooking together will allow everyone to interact in a way that is not possible at the dinner table. Since everyone will put their input. Or if you can’t be with them then you can send them these treats. This will put a smile on their faces.

2. Watch your favorite movie together or you can even watch it virtually together:

You can watch holiday-themed movies such as Home Alone or even Zindagi Na Milay Gi Dobara or whatever you feel like watching. The movie should be engaging so everyone is involved and talks about it. Even if you are not with your loved ones, one can watch it on online apps such as Netflix party. It is an app that syncs up the film and you can have a live chat there so you can comment on your favorite film part.

3. Play board games or online games:

Nowadays there are tons of online games as well as board games. Some classic board games such as chess and ludo have mobile counterparts. If your loved ones come over, you can play these games with them and engage in an outstanding conversation with them. If not in real life you can play these games with them online. These apps have a chat feature so you can gloat when you make a really good movie. The holidays allow you to connect with your loved ones but it can be tough to stick to old traditions so why not create a new tradition with your loved ones?

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