Best ways to make your Hospice feel like home

A vast majority of hospice services are provided all over the world. According to some recent researches, over one-third of hospice services are provided in a private residence. So it is a responsibility of a hospice owner to create a homely environment for people living their last few breaths.

Arrangements for a ‘feel like home hospice’:

Spending time in a hospice can be stressful for patients and their families. But interior design can be a simple yet effective way to make a hospice bedroom more peaceful. Choosing calming colors, adding decorative accessories and loose furniture, and opting for fewer clinical care beds and hoists can help patients to feel at home.

Patient comfort:

The principle of a hospice facility is to provide patients with comfort during a terminal illness. Therefore, the home environment should be set up so that the patient’s surroundings are as comfortable as possible. The environment is safe and workable for the caregiver as well. It should be soothing and comfortable for the ill patient.

Add homey accessories:

Add simple accessories to make a room look more peaceful. Color can be an effective way to make an impact. Choose cushions, curtains, bedding, or anything else you can think of, in shades of blue, grey, or brown which gives a homely feeling to a patient.

No more clinical beds:

Equipment like care beds and hoist systems play a huge part in providing comfort. Historically though, this equipment has been bulky, clinical-looking, and intimidating for patients and their families. It certainly does not create a peaceful environment. You can get care beds that give a feel like bedrooms rather than hospital rooms.

Soothing environment:

The senses of a dying person are often enhanced so loud noises can be disturbing and unpleasant. Turn off the television, ask visitors to take their conversations to another room, remove the telephone, and minimize outside sounds that may come in through the windows.

Allow family visits:

The most important fact is that the patient should see his loved ones more often. Family visits are required too for a better health condition. Family members should provide gentle kindness and share their sentiments. The moments spent with a loved one during the last few hours of life are precious and profound. Hospice should allow family visits because it provides comfort to the patient of course!

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