Why do we cry?

A human cry when he is sorrowful or frustrated. Crying is also a natural way of reducing stress. Crying mainly results from a mental health condition, usually, it can be anxiety or depression. Depression causes feelings of sadness, which ultimately results in crying. For most people, depression symptoms work differently, they try to cope with it by keeping themselves busy with work or other stuff but a person with a weak heart won’t do that. He ends up being more depressed, which leads him to cry. Anxiety or depression can cause people to get easily enraged or frustrated, even over the smallest matters. This is related to a person experiencing stress and tension, which makes it tough for him, how to get through the day. People also release tears of joy when they feel happy. Most people cry when they are angry and having an argument with someone when they are wanting to appear strong or stay calm under pressure, as anger is linked to fear, it can also make people cry. Disappointment also comes from the source of feelings of anger, when something or someone does not meet our expectations, we are disappointed which, in most cases, is no wonder if we try to express it through tears. 

Emotional reasons:

Compassion, empathy, attachment pain, physical pain, such types of emotions trigger emotional tears. Emotional crying is also a part of the healing process. Continuous feelings of worthlessness, guilt, or helplessness also make us want to cry. When anxiety hits us, we might cry often or controllably. Any little thing which would cause you to be stress may leave you in tears. Moreover, witnessing others’ pain could make you cry too. 

The financial background of somebody can also play a major role in the context of crying. Often, we can cry while we reach a point of contentment after a long stretch of stress or sadness. Crying may be normal in certain situations, but if you cry without any specific reason, then that can be something serious. 

Medical reasons:

Allergic eye disease, lupus, or other medical reasons are also a cause of producing tears in the eyes. Blinking less often, which occurs in certain conditions, eyelid problems, dry air, smoke, wind, or dust may also cause tears. Spending most of your time using laptops or cell phones, causes severe eye problems which can also be a cause of creating tears in your eyes. 

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