A gentle practice for opening up a heart that’s hurting

When you look around yourself there is so much pain with numerous shootings, harassment cases, pandemics, and disease outbreaks around the world, the pain almost becomes unbearable sometimes. To deal with such reactivity one often finds themselves relying on meditative exercises. Meditation helps one expand their capacity for compassion.

According to Deepak Chopra, host for global meditation seminars, the heart is the center of the body where spirit and love are joined. It is this center that gets filled with love or pain from emotions.

Here is a guide on how to listen to the secret tunes of your heart

  • Start by sitting in a quiet place in a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes.
  • Completely free your mind from external thoughts and musings
  • Visualize a cool light and breeze penetrating your body and take slow, deep breaths.
  • For the next 10 minutes, sit and listen to the rhythm of your heart
  • You will feel that your heart will start to release feelings, recollections, wishes, fears, and dreams that have been suppressed a long time ago. As it does, you will end up focusing your attention on your soul and heart.
  • During the process, it is normal to have a flash of some undesirable memory. In such cases, the breathing pattern may change or the eyes may well up. However, let it be that way. Let the experience be what it is and allow the emotions to wash over you.

As you practice this meditation, putting shortly every day to associate with your heart, you will start to get short glimpses at your heart the way it truly is that is quiet, harmonious, a warm sparkle, or inconspicuous light. Regardless of whether these impressions are short-lived, you will see that your life outside of reflection is beginning to change. At startling minutes, you will feel a rush of happiness and prosperity clear over you. You will start to live life with more lightness in your progression.

These are signs that the tightening, that a great many people hold around the heart, is delivering its grasp and relinquishing the dread and fear that hold the soul back from being free. But making contact with it is like being penetrated with light and insight. This is the flow of love.

With this meditation, we hope and pray for your soul and mind to be filled with love and peace. May you be cheerful with the joys of life and feel free from painful emotions.

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