Can glasses help your child pay attention in school?

Poor vision is one of the major problems that make it difficult for a child to learn things at school. It leads to misdiagnosed problems with reading and even counting numbers. Their teachers might think that the student is struggling but the reality is they just can’t see very clearly. Many children are unable to see the board, read a book, or complete their homework because of poor sight. Vision problems in children can even go as far as to hinder their personality and social skills, which can influence their adjustment to school life. The effective solution to this is wearing glasses. It is one of the simplest ways to treat refractive errors. Also, special frames are available to eradicate such errors. One of the leading causes of blindness is uncorrected sight problems, including refractive errors. When required lenses are provided to the child, their enjoyment and development in school are restored. In some cases, wearing glasses for school can help to improve literacy and numerical skills. Research has been done that by wearing glasses, the classroom behavior of a student is improved, and they are better able to focus on class discussion and assignments.

Improvement in visual perceptual skills:

When certain visual skills are poorly developed, learning is difficult and stressful. Children will typically attempt to do the work, but with a lowered level of comprehension or efficiency. Following are the few improved skills observed when glasses are used among the children.


Wearing glasses at school makes it easier for children to differentiate between two slightly similar alphabets. For example, they can easily differentiate between alphabets like ‘b’ and ‘d’.


 It is the ability to keep the eyes on target when looking from one object to another, moving the eyes along a printed page, or following a moving object like a thrown ball. By wearing a pair of glasses, eye tracking is also improved.

Visual acuity and focusing:

Improvement in viewing the chalkboard at an intermediate distance. The ability to quickly and accurately maintain clear vision as the distance from objects changes is improved when glasses are used. For example, it makes it easier to look from the chalkboard to the paper on the desk and back. Eye focusing allows the child to easily maintain clear vision over time like when reading a book or writing a report.

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