What do screen time breaks mean?

Screen time breaks mean taking some time off from the screen to ease and relax your eyes a little. Screen time breaks can be taken in any form of relaxation or activity or anything one feels comfortable in.

How often should you take a screen break?

One should take short screen time breaks more often rather than taking long breaks after working for hours and hours. A user should choose when to take a screen time break to relax his eyes.

Why screen time breaks are important?

  1. Screen time breaks help the person to process and retain information.
  2. Screen time breaks evolve a person’s thinking and give a better sense of the bigger picture.
  3. Screen time breaks give rest to the brain and enhance the creativity of the person.
  4. Screen time breaks can help a person cultivate healthier habits 
  5. Screen time breaks help a person become more productive.
  6. Screen time breaks to prevent a person from developing computer vision syndrome, eye strain, and headaches.

Eye Strengthen Exercises to do when working on a computer regularly:

  1. Focus change exercise works by challenging your focus and is done in a seated position. Done by holding pointer finger at some distance from the eye and focus on it, then slowly move the finger away from the face while holding focus, look away into the distance, focus on the finger and bring it back towards eye, look away focusing on something at distance.
  2. Near and far focus exercise is done in a seated position by holding thumb 15 inches away from face and focus on it for 15 seconds, focus on some object 15 feet away for 15 seconds, return your focus to your thumb.
  3. Figure-eight exercise is done in a seated position by picking a point on the floor 10 feet away and focus on it, trace imaginary figure 8 with your eyes and keep tracing for 30 seconds, and switch directions.
  4. 20-20-20 rule exercise is used to prevent digital eye strain. The American Optometric Association has come up with a 20/20/20 rule for screen time breaks which suggests that a screen user should look away from the screen after every twenty minutes to focus on any object at a distance of at least twenty feet for a time duration of twenty seconds.
  5. Palming exercise is done by rubbing palms to heat them and form cup shapes of hands and press eyes gently and relax for few minutes.

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