Affirmations: The Importance of Self Love through Meditation

In today’s era where social media is an essential part of everyone’s “Perfect” life, it becomes hard to love oneself. Everyone we see today has fallen prey to either inferiority complex or self-doubt. If not for social media, most of the youth are struggling to climb up the stairs of success, making money as fast as they could, and in doing so very few people tend to take time out for themselves and meditate. Where making a career whether on social media or in the industry is quite important self-love is not something to be neglected. What is the point of all the success or money if you can not see yourself as someone worthy of love?

There can be several ways to express self-love or do something that calms your mind. Remember a calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. It is simple to meditate as there are no hard and fast rules, it varies from person to person. For example, reading books or poetry is a source of meditation for some people while for others listening to music, lighting up candles, gathering thoughts, or talking to a friend can be a source for meditation. It is always good to make space for what you feel without any judgment.

Instead of pulling away all the thoughts whether good or bad, let them come and see for yourself that all these are temporary. All the feelings of unworthiness and not being enough is just temporary. So, just take a break, take time out for yourself and let these thoughts simmer down.

Meditation directs us to who we actually are or what we truly believe in. More like it teaches us acceptance, as it reconnects us with our inner selves. It is a healing process. Many things can happen in meditation like analysis of oneself, realization, acceptance, forgiveness, and much more as it is an insight into who you truly are. 

One way to meditate is to accept who you are, whatever you are doing is enough for the time, embrace yourself, embrace your failures and victories, and believe in evolving to be a better version of yourself without any burden. Meditation is a process of respecting yourself, forgiving yourself, and finally loving yourself.

Next time, whenever you start getting in the trap of unworthiness and inferiority before any second thoughts try meditation and remind yourself that every human is capable is of mistakes and that does not affect your WORTH.

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