How People Over 40 Can Benefit From Contacts Lenses

Advances in technology have made a good number of seemingly impossible things possible. More people are shedding off their reliance on traditional glasses and embracing contact lenses. They do the same job as glasses and are also comfortable.

How Do Contact Lenses Work?

Contact lenses have a similar function with glasses in that they use light and refraction of light to improve eyesight, but they do this quite differently. Glasses have a large frame that sits on your nose in front of your eyes, but contacts rest directly on your eyes. Due to this, they offer many advantages over their counterparts.


It may sound highly uncomfortable to place something directly on your eyeball, but it’s not the case for contacts. Contacts are made from breathable materials that also remain as moist as possible. After a few days of wearing them, you don’t even realize you have them on. Contacts don’t make the bridge of your nose sore or cause swelling and redness behind your ears. They also wouldn’t fall off should you start sweating. They’re comfortable all through the day.


Glasses are prone to falling off your face and breaking. The frames are often weak, and the lenses are made of – well, glass! Contact lenses don’t just come off, and as a result, they aren’t damaged easily. While it is possible to damage your contacts, it is certainly way harder and less common. For as long as you care for your contact lenses and clean them with the appropriate cleaning solution, your contacts would last an exceptionally long time.

Perfect For Sports

If you play any sporting activity, then you’ll be familiar with the fact that sweat and glasses don’t particularly go hand-in-hand. Glasses could easily slip off your face and get trampled on or lost, which is terrible news. Contacts allow you to be free with your movement and worry more about your game than about your glasses. While, of course, your contacts can fall out, the chances are meager.

Full Field Of View

Glasses help you see what’s ahead of you quite clearly, but they block your peripheral vision. With glasses, you have to turn your head from side to side to see what’s around you. This isn’t good if you’re doing something that requires your entire focus, like driving. Contact lenses give you full access to your field of vision. They have no frames that can obstruct your line of sight, and as a result, give you a perfect, obstruction-free field of view.

Boosts Confidence

A lot of people who wear traditional glasses don’t feel confident in them. People have negative stereotypes about them, and as a result, they may feel extremely self-conscious. Contact lenses aren’t noticeable, so they don’t come with the baggage of self-consciousness like glasses do.

They also don’t disrupt your style. When choosing glasses, you have to go through the stress of picking something that not only looks good on you but matches your style of dressing. Contacts aren’t eye-catching (unless you want them to be), so you can dress up without worrying about how your glasses would complement your look. With contacts, you can also wear sunglasses without prescriptions as your prescription is already on the lens.

Works In All Weather

With contacts, you don’t have to worry about the rain covering your glasses or having your glasses fog up on a sunny day. Because your contacts are directly on your eyes, weather changes will not affect your vision.

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