How do Sunglasses Protect the Eyes?

It is common knowledge that the sunlight can really damage your eyes when it shines directly at them. The UV rays are just as harmful for your eyes as they are for your skin. We can protect our skin from the sunlight by using the sunscreen but for protecting they eyes from the sunlight? Sunglasses.

Sunglasses have been a part of human needs and fashion for quite some time. Whilst many people believe that sunglasses are just there to be a part of human fashion, sunglasses play a very important and useful role in human health as well.

First and foremost, keeping you safe from the sunlight.

But the real question is that how exactly sunglasses help in protecting our eyes? Well, the answer is not that quite simple, but we have got your covered:

Protection of our Eyes: The Science

The best quality sunglasses are made up of different materials that combine themselves together to protect your eyes from the UV rays coming from the sun. The materials are:

  • UV Coating
  • Mirror Coating
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Polarized lenses

UV Coating is the main part of the sunglasses and has the most important part in protecting your eyes. The UV coating is added to the sunglasses to be a part of it and make sure that no harmful UV rays reach your eyes, just like a sunscreen stops the harmful rays to touch your skin.

Mirror Coating is the top most layer of the sunglasses that will protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Just like a mirror, the mirror coating works in such a way that it reflects the sunlight from getting inside your eyes. Instead, the coating will reflect the light back outside. This coating allows you to not squint your eyes or get painful headaches when you look at the sun or the sun-rays try to enter your eyes.

Anti-Reflective Coating or AR coating is used in your sunglasses to allow you see to a much clearer image by reflecting away any distorting reflections and hence, giving your eyes the ability to view everything a lot clearly through the glasses.

Polarized lenses are slowly and gradually becoming the new deal in the sunglasses. Polarization works in such a way that if you are out and about in a sunny day and your eyes get glared upon due to the reflections through the car body or reflective and tinted windows of the building, it will make it quite difficult for you to focus and see. Polarized lenses allow your eyes to focus more clearly and filter out any kind of reflected light to enter your eyes and restrict you from watching anything clearly.

In the end, the most important thing to look for when buying yourself a pair of sunglasses is to make sure they have the UV coating we talked about earlier. They are the most part of the sunglasses and without them, there is no purpose of having sunglasses.

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