Creating A Landing Page That Works

One of the key digital marketing strategies is landing page. It gives you a business a strong online presence in their generation of leads, referrals, and sales. A landing page shouldn’t be mistaken for a website. Unlike a website, a landing page is a single page used to drive visitors towards conversion by getting them to click through to a specific action. This action includes encouraging users to purchase your online store or subscribing to your mailing list or other numerous activities. Whatever it is, there should be just one clearly defined call-to-action. 

Here are the simple steps to create a landing page that works effectively:

1. Develop a Buyer Persona 

The first step towards creating an effective landing page is first to create a buyer persona. You need to discover your target audience’s age range, education, interests, personalities any other things that could bring them to your website. You could get this data through market research or automated marketing research tools. After creating your ideal buyer persona, you can design a landing page tailored to their needs and aid conversion.

2. Define your goals

Also, you need to have a specific goal or reason for the landing page. You should choose one goal that you know will be highly beneficial to your business. It is simply your call to action. It could be to fill a form, sign-up for a free trial, order a product, download a coupon, register for webinars, subscribe for newsletter, provide contact information, and many more. 

3. Use the right keywords

Keywords have a significant effect on your landing page. If you want your landing page to wonders, you need to focus on using keywords and terms relevant to your page. The use of relevant keywords draws your target audience to your page, consequently leading to purchase. Note that long-tail keywords are more effective than shorter ones. They give you higher rankings and often produce higher returns.

4. Use catchy headlines

The importance of headlines on the landing page can’t be overemphasized. Catchy headline has a magic-like effect on people, so it is essential to landing page creation. Many digital marketers skillfully use a catchy headline to create a killer landing page. There are some viable tips to consider when creating a landing page. These are, keep it short and sharp, use attention-grabbing words, and use similar sound words to pass your message. 

5. Create a magical call to action

There are some call to action that has a spell-like effect on viewers. They are just too great to be resisted. A sweet, inviting call to action is not hard to come by if you understand your ideal buyers very well. So, you can also discover this when creating your buyer persona and goals. Your CTA could offer a free trial, promise a surprise or discount, or any other exciting information. Always try to create a fear of missing out (FOMO) in your viewers with your choice of CTA. Make your CTA as catch as possible. You may draw inspiration from top businesses CTA but don’t clone or copy it.

6. Use appealing visuals

Though it may sound cliche to you, it’s unequivocal that a picture can tell multiple-word stories. Take your time to select attractive colorful graphics which resonate with the message you want to pass to your audience and your product. Visuals have faster impacts on your audience because they can easily comprehend. It, therefore, strengthens your message and influences your landing page viewers’ behavior resulting in improved conversions.

7. Include compelled social proof

Research has it that over 90% of consumers trust online reviews than personal recommendations. This research underscores the importance of social proof. So, landing page effectiveness can also be enhanced with adequate use of social proof. Apart from reviews, other proofs include testimonials, case studies, influencers endorsement, brand logo, client logo, subscribers count, social share count, social connection, testing result, product ranking, and storytelling. 

8. Add Analytics Tracking

Like the website, you need your landing page analytics to track and evaluate the landing page performance. This will, in turn, help you create the right advertising plan and grow your business faster and easier.

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