Tip For Hosting Productive Weekly Marketing Meeting

A Meeting is not much of an exciting thing to most workers. It sucks and feels bland to most workers. This results in a perfunctory attitude in a meeting. People stare blankly at each other, drop in generic comments to look like they’re paying attention, while some won’t even utter a word till the end of the meeting. An attitude like this will negatively affect the productivity of marketing meetings and your business in the long run. A marketing meeting requires active participation and insightful input from participants. Therefore, if you will be hosting a weekly marketing meeting, you need to strategize how to get every member to participate vibrantly.

How can you make your marketing meeting productive?

This is the poser this article is written to address. Come along as we give you tips on how to host a productive marketing meeting. 

Here are the tips:

1. Conduct Adequate research

In other not to appear unprepared in the presence of your staff, you need to have done your homework correctly before the meeting. Have a clear idea of the problems to be addressed in the meet. Draw up the aim and objectives that you want to achieve at the end of the meeting. 

2. Create a compelling content

After proper research of what you want to deliberate upon in the meeting, the next step is to carefully structure the meeting agenda and content in a very compelling manner that stimulates the attention and participation of the team. The meeting content must contain what will be discussed, leading each discussion and how much is allotted to each discussion. 

3. Take note of the time

Being time conscious is pivotal to a productive meeting. It would be best if you started on time, honor the time allotted for each presentation then end the meeting right on time. Doing this regularly will make people presenting take note of the time and make other team members self censor their comments and only make relevant comments. You can make time or select someone to act as timekeeping during the meeting.

4. Bar use of computer

Except when needed for the presentation, you should allow your team members to bring the computer to the meeting room. It could easily result in distractions of team members. They could be checking their emails, replying to messages, or performing another business task while the meeting is going. This will limit the productivity of the meeting.

5. Allow Break

If your meeting takes longer than one hour, you need to build in time for a Break. Allow people to get up, stretch their legs, grab some coffee and visit the bathroom. If you don’t allow this, the meeting may be bereft of your team members’ needed interest and enthusiasm.

6. Review Vital Marketing Metrics

For your weekly marketing meeting to be successful, you and your team effectively review marketing metrics to determine the success rate of the marketing team. These important metrics include website traffic, leads waterfall, sales waterfall, marketing qualified lead (MQL) volume, and paid vs. organic lead breakdown. The review allows you to discover the aspect of marketing that you need to intensify your actions. Also, celebrate your wins. It motivates your team to do more. 

7. Conclude with Action Items

When concluding your meeting, you need to revisit issues deliberated upon, summarize them then reemphasize the action item. You can ask the secretary of the meet to run people through the actions they will be taken immediately after the meeting. 

In conclusion, know that you have the most role in ensuring your marketing meeting ends up productive. As an entrepreneur or marketing team lead, be sure to incorporate these tips into your business meeting. Have an open mind and try to be sensitive to the need of your team. If the venue for the conference is not conducive enough you could change it. All these sum up to make the meeting productive. 

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