The Science of Forgiveness: A Path to Healing

The importance of forgiveness in our lives is significant. Every time we are trapped in the mire of anger, hatred, blame, or guiltiness, we severely suffer, as well as persons around us. Though these feelings are not harmful for each time, they are conveyers of some vital signals to our conscious being. If ignored, they will harshly weaken our health and undesirably affect our overall life.

To forgive, means to let go of anger and hatred, enduringly.

With love, mercy is the final curative tool on Earth which can holistically recover a life. It unshackles us from these hostile feelings, while, it heals many health-related illnesses triggered by them. Just how a composed diet provides nutrition to the body, forgiveness and empathy can nourish you psychologically and spiritually.

It does not include tolerating or condoning the individual’s doings. Forgiveness does not refute crime, brutality, or unfairness. Though, it purifies and clears up our hearts and minds, creating the path to righteousness completely smooth. It brings liberation from pain and grievance.

Forgiveness does not necessarily lead to reunion, nor we have to feel obliged to resolve with the one we are pardoning. Yet, if we really forgive the person, some sort of interaction with them is likely to naturally happen, sooner or later.

​True compassion cannot be realized from a lofty, righteous point of view. This infers feeling greater upon the other individual, which could simply turn into contempt. And that could be very hazardous for our intellectual progress.

The Steps:

– Recall the circumstances that wounded you so much, with the individual who you want to forgive.
Let yourself to feel bad emotions related to that individual and event. Accepting yourself, that you actually have resentful emotions will allow you to fully retrain them into your being and forgive the person totally.

Choose to forgive.
We have to be intensely determined to get free of our unkind will towards this person and, in its place, offer them gentleness, respect, bigheartedness and, why not, even love.

Rational sympathy

Recall that every individual is only doing the actions they are certain of to be helpful for their personal satisfaction or pleasure. They just don’t know any better. If their actions were damaging, even apparently deliberate in your direction, it was yet without correct knowledge. They were just imparted by miserable settings or perhaps neglectful parents that such actions were helpful to gain some fulfilment.
Ask yourself these questions: Was this person suffering and went through a lot of harsh time? Were they suffering in the same period when they offended me? By rejoining these questions, you will be able to well understand their conduct and that, finally, it wasn’t personal entirely.

Let go of expectations

A request for forgiveness may not change your affiliation with the other person. If you don’t expect, you won’t be much distressed and disappointed.

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