3 Ways Social Media can Help Seniors With Depression

When social distancing is the norm, you have to find all the ways you can to contact your family and friends. Being isolated for a long time can lead to loneliness and especially in older people living in isolation, it could depress them. Social media played a tremendous role in keeping the lives connected throughout the Pandemic.

Studies have shown that elderly people who use social media are less likely to be depressed than those who don’t. The seniors can address their problems or cope with depression through social media these days and here is how:

1. Connected With The World

Social media is known for friends, family, and even old acquaintances to keep in touch over time. You can create a safe community for yourself to share how you feel and learn from the experiences of other people. Social media On Facebook, finding like-minded people to connect with is quick and easy. If you are looking for an old friend or family member them it is super easy to find them. If someone has a common name and is more difficult to find, additional information can be added, like their location or job to narrow down the search. Adding or accepting anyone’s request is totally your call and that gives you a sense of security.

2. Discovering New Things

Social media offers wide space and a million possibilities to learn and share, apart from it being a connecting tool with loved ones, you can discover support groups with strangers who can become family. Discovering new passion through an inspirational video or learning more about society at an age where you need assisted living can be a turning point. Making new friends from all over the world and staying up-to-date from their part of the world is very easy on social media. Facebook Groups and specific Instagram hashtags can open a world of possibilities as they bring together people from all around the world who all enjoy the same specific topic. For elderly people, this could connect them with other hospice senior citizens, play online board games with them and share their life stories in the most wholesome way possible.

3. Source Of Entertainment

One of the best parts about social media is not only it connects you with the rest of the world but also it is a great source of entertainment with infinite content to watch and read. If a user finds something entertaining, they can share it to their feed and discuss it with their friends on their profile. This is just another great way to keep in touch and feel connected to the world. As seniors grow older, it can become more difficult to go out and keep in touch with loved ones in person. Social media is a perfect space for them to find joy just using their fingertips. Social media might not cure their depression but it can give them hope, joy, smiles, and laughter. And, at their age, this is what they need to take their mind off the miseries of life.

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