Makeup Has an Expiration Date?! Makeup and Your Eye Health

Makeup has been around for centuries and millennia. Men and women have worn makeup at different times in history for various purposes, and makeup has been created from different sources. Makeup has evolved throughout history, and there are now brands that are seen as custodians of quality makeup. The way makeup is marketed has also changed, and cosmetologists are developing healthier ways for people to use makeup. 

  1. Makeup expires 

There are different makeup for different purposes, but like all products, they expire. Different types of makeup have different lifespans. Makeup that is specifically for the eyes, like mascara, usually has a shorter life span than other types of makeup, with an average time of 3 months. It is recommended that you change your eye makeup every three months.

  1. Expired makeup can cause infections.

Using expired products may have adverse effects on you. This also applies to makeup. Using expired makeup can be detrimental to your eye care as it can cause eye infections. The repeated microbial exposure of your makeup as you use it can increase the risk of infections if not changed after a while. If you have eye issues, visiting an optometrist can be great for you to consult with your clinician for the best way to maintain your eye care while using makeup.

  1. Change your makeup occasionally. 

Makeup on its own does not have adverse effects on your eye health. However, using makeup products for too long can have adverse effects on your eye care. Avoid using the same products for too long.

  1. Store makeup properly

You should not leave your makeup lying around because it is makeup. Not packaging your makeup after use exposes it to microorganisms that can infect your eyes if exposed to them. Your makeup should be closed and kept in a makeup box to preserve it and keep it clean.

  1. Don’t share makeup

It is advisable not to share makeup with other people. Sharing makeup increases the risk of contamination. It can also cause you to have irritation as you do not know the conditions your makeup has been subjected to. 

  1. Wash your makeup brushes

Washing your makeup brushes as often as possible is what the experts advise. Makeup residue, dust particles, and other things may be found on your brushes, and when you don’t wash them, you are reapplying those substances to your face and your eyes. Not washing your makeup brushes can negatively impact your eye health and eye care.

  1. Take off makeup before bed.

Before you sleep, it is vital to take off your makeup. Sleeping with eye makeup can have some adverse effects on you. They can cause irritated and itchy eyes. The makeup can also rub off your pillow and enter your eyes which can worsen your eye health.

Makeup can be beautiful and can be fun to do, but knowing how to use your makeup can go a long way in protecting and maintaining your eye health.

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