Will Cramming For Exams Hurt Your Eyes?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Cramming for exams is something many students do because of many factors. Regardless of the factor, the question remains if cramming for exams will hurt the eyes, and the simple answer is “No.” Cramming for exams can only hurt the eyes if there is prolonged eye strain. If eye strain is eliminated, then cramming for exams cannot hurt your eyes. However, many factors contribute to prolonged eye strain in students when they cram. These factors can cause you to hurt your eyes by straining them, which can cause dry and itchy eyes or blurred vision.

  1. Staring too long

The longer you stare at your book, computer screen, or reading material for too long, the more your eyes get strained. Doing this can cause your eyes to become dry. Your eyes need to be moist and refreshed for the best eye care, and for it to do that, you need to look away from your reading objects at frequent intervals. Doing this can help your eyes rest from staring.

  1. Cramming under bad light

Bad light can hurt our eyes, which means that it is terrible for eye care. Reading under the best light is necessary so that your eyes are not strained to make out the words on the reading material. Cramming under bad light will hurt the eyes, and if you wear glasses, it may also cause your eyes to itch after a while.

  1. Bad reading posture

Cramming is still reading, and when you have a bad reading posture, it can affect how light hits the retina. Proper posture when reading is needed as it ensures that your eyes do not see materials in a crooked manner or that your eyes do not strain more than necessary to read the materials. If you use glasses, bad reading posture can also cause your glasses to become damaged, affecting your eye care.

  1. Cramming when sleep-deprived

When you are sleep-deprived, you are already under negative stress. Cramming under such type of stress puts the eyes under more pressure than it is supposed to take. You may have to force your eyes to remain open despite your eyes needing rest for them to be refreshed. This act can irritate the eyes, which are very bad for your health care. Cramming under such conditions negatively affects your eyes.

  1. Cramming many materials

When you try to cram lots of materials simultaneously, you are putting undue stress on your eyes as it tries to take in all the information at once. Doing this can immensely strain the eyes as you have to keep going over the exact words repeatedly to memorize them. 

Students can cram in ways that do not hurt the eyes. Even if you use glasses to correct or aid your vision, cramming in the wrong way is not suitable for eye care.

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