Email Marketing: 5 Tips to Stay Consistent and Create Traffic

As a business owner trying to keep up with the best marketing techniques, you may wonder if email marketing is worth the time and effort. It really is. In a 2019 study, results showed that 65% of individuals engaged with their email in the past year to interact with an organization. That means email beat out all other communication channels, including social media ( So, email is absolutely still relevant for connecting people with your website.

That being said, people want emails they’ll actually read and not ones that just clutter their inbox. The following 5 tips will help coach you in how to create an email marketing campaign that’s valuable to both your website’s traffic and the people reading them.

  1. Send Email Content with Value

Want someone to open that email you sent? Make it worth their time. People like email with resourceful information they can use in their daily lives. Try the following:

  • Interesting Subject Lines
  • Interactive and engaging content
  • Include marketing offers
  • Have a call to action that spurs readers to visit your site
  • Provide website links
  • Use email segmentation to target specific audiences
  1. Make it Easy (and Worth it) for People to Subscribe

If it’s hard to subscribe, people won’t. Provide them with multiple ways to subscribe to your site’s emailing list. There are lots of ways to do this.

  • Encourage subscription in any email you send out
  • Ask for their email for them to enter contests through your social media
  • RSS feed sign ups
  • Pop up subscription requests
  • Provide incentives like special offers or information only shared through email

It also helps to use email segmentation so that they know they’ll be getting the types of emails from you they want to receive. Some may opt-in for the weekly newsletter while others just prefer emails about special offers. (

  1. Build a Relationship

Just like in network marketing, it’s important to build a relationship with those on your emailing list. You’re a visitor in their inbox, after all. Don’t pitch your business or products with the first emails you send. Instead, let them know about the business and that you see them as valuable. Be real, with a personal tone, but also concise. 

  1. Create Email Templates

One thing that will save you a lot of time and make it easier to be consistent in sending out emails is to have email templates. Create templates consistent with your brand’s personality or atmosphere. 

Some good templates to have are

  • Welcome email
  • Newsletters 
  • Content themed (special offers, updates, etc.)

Tip: Make sure your emails are easy to read on a cell phone.

  1. Follow a Schedule

Show your readers they can rely on you and set up an email schedule. You can use calendar templates or Google Calendar to keep you organized and ready your emails in advance. 

Be detailed in your planning. Write what kinds of emails are sent on what days. Who are they going to? Make sure you and your team know your email goals and keep each other accountable.

Setting up an email automation system helps. Then you don’t need to worry about forgetting to send out the emails on their correct dates.


With email marketing still a strong option for bringing consistent traffic to your website, take advantage of it. Start today with these tips and watch your site views grow.

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