Find Inspiration in These Eye-Catching Instagram Examples

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The path of entrepreneurship can be daunting at times. That’s why something that can be both inspiring and teach you about digital marketing means so much. Instagram is just the place for that pick-me-up you may need to keep pursuing that business dream.

What Makes a Good Business Instagram?

Not all Instagram accounts are equally captivating, so what are the secrets to a stellar business Instagram? It shows company culture and branding in an artful, entertaining way. You can take different approaches to achieve this, depending on what best suits your style.

Take advantage of the following content ideas that made many Instagram pages successful.

  • Use Visually Appealing and Interactive Content
  • Add hashtags
  • Tag pictures sent from users/customers
  • Upload “behind the scenes” material
  • Try some humor
  • Show involvement with charities and causes

Below are a few Instagram examples and what they did to make the social media platform work for them.

  1. Nike

A popular sports wear brand, Nike has claimed a spot as a popular Instagram account. They use a mix of images showcasing famous athletes as well as those from users. They push the concept of everyone being an athlete, creating user relatability while staying true to their slogan “Just do it”.

  1. Disney

Disney’s Instagram is filled with colorful images and video snippets from its many shows and movies. They are usually accompanied with a fun or even humorous caption.

Another aspect that shows up strongly in their feed is their focus on holiday and seasonal posts.

  1. Lush Cosmetics

Full of aesthetically pleasing images of their cosmetics and hygiene products, Lush Cosmetics also uses their Instagram to highlight the causes they support, such as diversity and taking care of the environment.

The business also created different icons at the top of their page to organize their content and products, making it user friendly.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a business that became popular fast, and it now has 4.8 million followers on Instagram! The photos of Airbnb locations all over the world make their feed fun to scroll through. Most of the images are from the individuals who use Airbnb to rent out space for travelers, and the fantastic thing about that is that the business tags those people’s Instagram profiles, making it so that you can find their profile and book the Airbnb you want easily!

  1. Mat Adlard

The pictures of the desserts Mat Adlard creates will have you craving sugar with one glance. What’s great about his Instagram is how he uses the story feature to show what happens behind the scenes while he’s baking. This makes it easier for followers to get to know him while enjoying a video.

Also, you feel inspired knowing the guy taught himself how to bake and now has a large following.

Get Creative

What works for one business on Instagram might not work for another. Think about what type of image you want to convey and then dive in and get creative. You can build a strong business presence on the platform and have fun doing it.

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