Different Ways You Can Volunteer at Hospice

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Do you love to assist, comfort, and care for the elderly at the end of life but need an idea on various ways to go about it? If yes, this article will acquaint you with the multiple ways you can volunteer at the hospice to achieve your desire to provide comfort.

The major role of a hospice volunteer is to provide patients, caregivers, and families comfortable and compassionate end of the life experience. Hospice volunteers often connect with patients personally, which is of immense benefit to patients and caregivers.

What are the different ways to volunteer at the hospice? You can volunteer at the hospice in various ways depending on your area of interest or expertise. 

Below are the various ways you can volunteer at hospice:

1. Patient Care

You can volunteer at hospice by working as a patient care volunteer. Through this, you get to spend the majority of your day with hospice patients. If the patient depends on assisted living, you can help them around the house, prepare a meal, do grocery shopping, and transport them for doctor’s appointments. 

2. Administrative Role

If you have clerical and administrative experience, you can volunteer as an administrative volunteer at a hospice organization.

Your responsibility will include preparing emails and leaflets, setting up a booth, assisting in fundraising campaigns, and helping in thrift stores. 

3. Music and Entertainment

Most hospice patients enjoy and benefit from music and entrainment. If you have singing talent or are good at playing any instrument, you can apply as a music volunteer at your local hospice. You can ask for the patients’ favorite songs and sing it for them. You might also take this a notch higher by organizing a private concert for the patients.

4. Massage Therapy

You can also volunteer as a massage therapist at a nearby hospice to use your skill to assist the elderly. Contact hospice to know if they need a massage therapist.

5. Companionship

You can also volunteer to provide companionship for hospice patients and their families to provide them emotional and social support. You can schedule a time to visit and engage certain activities wirh them regularly. These activities include taking a walk, reading, listening to music, sharing stories, and help writing letters to their loved ones.

6. Vigil Volunteer

When you volunteer as a vigil volunteer, you go on visits when a patient is in the final few days or hours of life.  Vigil volunteers perform the same roles as the companion volunteers, such as singing, reading, or simply offering company to patients as they pass.

Now that you know the different ways to volunteer at a hospice, you can apply at a nearby hospice by completing and signing consent forms. 

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