3 Things to Know about Creating Content on LinkedIn

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

LinkedIn is a special type of social media platform. It has a professional, business aura about it. Because of that, the way you handle your content needs to be different from other platforms.

Here is some vital information to know when making content for LinkedIn. 

  1. Content Type

While content on other social media can be light, fluffy, and even silly, your LinkedIn audience isn’t looking for that. Keep your work personable, yet professional.

Research shows that people on the platform enjoy videos, infographics, nice images and statistics. So, plan on incorporating them into your posts to catch more eyes.

Contrary to what you might expect, long-form writing content does better on LinkedIn than short pieces so don’t be afraid to add depth when discussing your topic.

No matter what you publish on the platform make sure it’s high quality. It should be resourceful, informative, free of grammar and spelling errors, and something related to your business or expertise.

  1. Humanize Your Business

Just because your focus is on your business or expertise doesn’t mean you can’t get real about the human experience. People like to know about what happens behind the scenes, business milestones, what professional hardships you have overcome, and who you are as an individual.

  1. Connect

There’s a reason why the individuals you choose to associate with on LinkedIn are called “connections”. It’s a place where people coach each other about their career fields. Along with publishing content, respond to comments people make about it. Also, read and comment on other’s pieces.

LinkedIn groups provide places where you can get to know others on similar career paths or with the same business interests. Talk to them, share your knowledge in posts to this group and learn from each other. This way, not only can you link back to your other LinkedIn content and get more views, but you can employ network marketing.


When you publish content on LinkedIn, being consistent about it shows that you’re reliable and professional. Take advantage of having a content calendar and sticking to it.

Repurpose Content

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to create a whole bunch, you don’t need to worry. Try taking some of your content from your website, blog, or other sources and formatting it for a LinkedIn audience.

Final Thoughts 

It might take some time to getting used to creating content for LinkedIn if you’re used to publishing on different social media platforms, but it’s worth it. LinkedIn provides you with a new audience to gain followers and customers from, and it has the potential to powerfully increase your brand’s visibility and credibility. 

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