What to be Aware of When Your Child Transitions to Contact Lenses

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As the caretaker of a child, you want to make the best choices for them, even when it comes to something seemingly simple like your child wanting to wear contact lenses. Here are some important tips you can use to help your child transition from glasses to contact lenses in the most comfortable and safe way possible.

See the Optometrist First

If you know your child’s glasses prescription, it may be tempting to simply go online and purchase contacts that have the same prescription. This isn’t a good idea for a number of reasons, one of them being that there are a lot of unreliable websites out there, and you don’t want to risk your child’s eye care by buying contacts that end up being no good or potentially harmful.

Another reason is that it’s common for each eye to need a slightly different prescription than the other. Visiting the optometrist will ensure your child gets quality contact lenses with the most current prescription needed for each eye.


Depending on how old your child is, being careful of hygiene habits while putting in and taking out contacts may be easier or harder, but it’s very important. Supervise them while they are learning how to do this. Make sure they wash their hands each time and put their contacts in the correct cleaning solution.

Don’t let them use saliva to moisten the contacts or sleep in contacts that aren’t meant to be worn overnight. Also, make sure they store their contacts so that they know which goes in their right eye and which goes in their left.

Proper eye hygiene decreases the risk of your child getting corneal ulcers.

Time to Adjust

Your child may want to toss their glasses as soon as their contacts arrive, but it actually takes time for eyes to adjust to wearing contact lenses, up to 12 days on average.

Eye professionals also recommend that contacts only be worn for part of the day to start with. Maybe your child can wear the contacts to school, and then wear their glasses in the evening? Or maybe another set up fits their schedule best?

No Makeup

It’s encouraged that anyone adjusting to contact lenses stop wearing eye makeup or applying anything around the eyes for the time it takes to adjust. This is so that no particles get into the eyes while putting the contacts in or taking them out.

You’ve Got This!

The transition from glasses to contact lenses can be exciting for your child. Don’t let the adjustment period overwhelm you or them. Take things slowly and know that your child’s eyes will soon adjust and taking care of their contacts will become routine for them.

If it’s been longer than two weeks and your child is still struggling to get used to wearing contacts, you may want to schedule a follow up appointment with their optometrist to make sure the contacts are fitting correctly.

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