These Priority Management Tools Help You Stay Organized, AND They Are Online!

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College is a busy, often stressful time. You’re trying to get good grades in your classes, discover what career path you want to take, manage adulthood, and meeting new people. Not to mention college is often expensive, even if you have a scholarship.

Luckily, there are tools out there to help you stay on top of everything you need to get done.

What is Priority Management?

What should you do when and in what order? Priority management helps you answer this question and take action. It’s the practice of focusing in on the most important projects and tasks efficiently in order to accomplish long-term goals and projects. And when you’re trying to balance work, school, and life in general, it’s a valuable skill.

Priority Management Tools

There a various priority management tools out there. From physical planners and notebooks to online programs and apps, anyone can find the tools that best aid them in getting the important work done.

Here are some online priority management tools that will boost your productivity and help you work towards your goals.

Google Calendar

If you plan on using Google Calendar for personal use, then all you need to get started is a Gmail account. This is a free tool that you can access online or through the Google Calendar app.

It functions similarly to a physical calendar or planner. You can schedule meetings, appointments, and more. You can add in reminders for due dates or goals. It also allows you to share your information with others and create a team calendar. You can customize it to your liking. 


Another online tool you can use is nTask. There are both free and paid versions so that you can get what works with your budget. And the paid versions aren’t that expensive anyway.

nTask incorporates many different resources including Kanban Boards and Gannt Charts. Use it to stay on top of your personal projects and tasks as well as to manage teams, college groups, and meetings.


The basic version of Trello is free, but if you’re using the tool just for yourself or a small school group, then the basic version is probably all you need. You can access it online or through the Trello app.

You create a Trello board and then customize it with lists, cards, calendars, productivity metrics, and more.

Get the Most Out of Your Time

These are just a sampling of all the online priority management tools out there, and then there are apps that target the same thing as well. 

Life is busy enough without being stressed because you’re not organized. Using a priority management tool aids in making sure your being busy also means you’re accomplishing everything you need to in a seamless fashion. 

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