How To Build Traffic For Your Company

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There is a famous saying now that “If your business is not online, your business is not alive.” The saying pinpoints the importance of taking your business online. Creating of Website, landing page, and social media accounts are ways you take your business online. But the website is where the main business activities happen. This explains why many digital marketers devise various strategies to drive traffic to their websites. More traffic results in more sales.

The most viable way to drive traffic to your website is through advertising. Social media advertising, display advertising, and traditional media advertising are some of the forms advertisement can take to drive traffic to your website. However, you need to strategically and skillfully construct the advert to attract audience which result in more traffic for your company website.

Here are the tips and tricks to make an advertisement that builds traffic for your company:

1. Create and attractive content

To get traffic to your company’s website, you need to create a very stimulating and engaging ad. Create content that builds a connection with your audience. Good content is significant for social media ads. Reason being that it encourages engagement such as like sharing and comments. This gets more people to discover your company and prompt them to visit the website for more information.

The attractiveness of your ads also makes them appealing to a large audience, giving your ads a wider reach. The effect is to increase traffic for your company’s website.

2. Use appealing graphic

A picture can tell a thousand-word story. An attractive graphic is a straightforward way to communicate with the audience. Appealing graphics can also create a positive emotion in the audience, making more people visit your website.

3. Add social proofs to your ads

Adding Social proofs immensely improves yours to any form of your company’s advertisement. These social proofs include reviews, product ratings, testimonials, awards, subscribers counts, celebrity endorsement, social media share count, and many others. These highlighted social proof help build trust in the audience and drives them to visit your website.

4. Use Catch headline and longtail keywords

Catchy headlines and longtail keywords are strategies that work best for social media ads. Creating a headline for your social media post makes it short and sharp, making it directly impact the audience. Also, endeavor to use the right keywords when making your ads. Longtail keywords are more effective than shorter keywords.  This is because longtail keywords account for the majority of web searches.

5. Always add the website link to the CTA

All ads will always have a call to action. But to make effective ads that build your company’s traffic, you need to come up with a sweet and irresistible call to action. CTA is one of the keys to having effective ads. It also essential to add your company’s website link to your CTA. This allows the audience to follow up the excitement created by the CTA by visiting the website.

6. Offer Incentive

Another veritable way to build traffic for your company is by offering some form of incentives in your ads. People often like to be motivated and rewarded for their actions. So, you can benefit from this by promising particular incentives to improve your traffic. The Incentive could be a certain % discount, free trial, or coupon. 

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