Connect to Your Bravest Self and Overcome Anxiety Through Meditation

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The modern age is full of anxieties and pressures. Every individual is dealing with several problems, including financial, social, health, and personal. It is essential to get out of these to enjoy this valuable life that we live only once. We can overcome the pressure created by them, but we can’t get rid of them completely. People use many techniques to deal the anxiety and stress, which include some mind exercises, music therapies, and different types of meditations to create a sense of calmness and relief for our mind.

History of Meditation

Although there is no firm evidence of how old the meditation technique is, there are mainly two primary historical pieces of evidence of the meditation. Some historians relate meditation with the earliest subcontinent traditional way of dealing with different diseases. Evidence has been found from the 1500 BCE books where writers mentioned different postures of meditation, and some ancient sculptures have also been found in the Indian subcontinent. It gives a clear hint of meditation from that era, but many historians contradict this by saying it as Buddhism’s religious postures that make it a little vague.

In the early 3rd BC, the ancient Chinese philosophers have also used some of the terms that translate into various meditation techniques in the modern age.  There are ambiguities for this theory, too, by assuming that those terms’ translation is done later, but maybe their origin was not for meditation

The Sufism back in 1400 BC also has some proof of meditation origination as Muslims worship Allah by standing and sitting in specific positions. Modern science also cross-checked those positions and verified that some positions cause blood to flow towards the mind and relax it. Making long discussion short, the history of meditation always remained a contradictory theory, and no one knows when these effective techniques started and who discovered them.

Anxiety relief through meditation 

Meditation has several physicals, mental and spiritual benefits for humans. Experts choose those which we need the most. If a person is not physically well the movement meditation like yoga would be best for him. Similarly, a person dealing with anxiety should choose mindfulness meditation so that he/she can get a mind calmness out of it. 

We have surrounded by anxieties, and most of them are our job and finance-related anxieties. A mindful and anxiety meditation 2 times a week can make us feel better. We can also make it whenever the boss calls you in his office to put a burden on your head. Humans are not the same in taking pressure of circumstances, and a person could deal better than the other who cannot handle a bit of emotional stress. Everybody has his willpower to bear a situation. There are different methods of meditation to relieve your mind as follows:

  • By concentrating on your thoughts and let your mind flow in its limitless boundaries. Think outside the box and calm your mind for half an hour or so.
  • Keep a silence around you and try to connect with your God or higher spiritual energy by saying everything to that entity. It would take out all the things from your heart which you can’t speak to anyone. You say, and someone listens to you in the silence.
  • You can use your five senses for meditation by focusing on a needle or listening to nature sounds deep.
  • Taking deep breaths in fresh air by considering you are all alone and everything around you is the same as you want to see them is the perfect meditation technique when you are fed-up with other people’s involvements in your life.

To wrap up:

There are limitless techniques that can adapt to relax the mind and get out of anxiety. The point to ponder is that you should realize that you need this meditation. No one can do it for you, and no one will do it. It’s your power to deal with your stress, and you have to deal with it by hook or by crook.

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