Struggling To Make A Sale? Here Is Why Landing Page May Not Be Enough

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A landing page is undoubtedly a great marketing strategy, but it is not enough to guarantee you improved sales alone. It is not smart to create a landing page for your business and expect a great conversion rate. Avoid marketers that only create a landing page for you but don’t run ads!

Research has shown that the conversion rate from a landing page differs across industries, but the average is only 2.35%. Meaning, for every 50 people who visit your landing page, only one will complete the action you’re trying to get them to do. This doesn’t mean landing page is not a beneficial marketing strategy. A well-designed landing page provides a strong, quick positive impression on people. 

However, a landing page that uses generic templates won’t be as effective and won’t create the desired impression in visits, thereby affecting conversion. Setting up a landing page is not just enough. It would be best if you had some essential things your landing page must have to be effective.

So, have you been trying to make headway with your sales? You might need to optimize your landing page. This article will identify some reasons why your landing pages do not convert as much as they should.

Here are the reasons why your landing page may not be having a high conversion rate: 

1. Inconsistency with an ad campaign

Syncing your ad with your landing page is not all you need to do to have an effective landing page. You need to make sure your ad and landing page has a consistent outlook and feel. They both need to look similar because when people click that end, they see a landing page that doesn’t seem to match and instantly hit their back button. 

2. Mobile Friendliness

It would be best if you did mobile optimization of your landing page. It might be the problem with your landing page. Google switch to a mobile-first friendly index makes it more critical. In 2019, over half of all web traffic is mobile. So, your landing page must be carefully developed to capture this audience.  To generate increased mobile traffic on your landing page, you need to focus on its speed and simplicity. Be sure to use simple, concise, and relevant information. Make the call to action easy to read.

3. Slow Load Speed

The slow loading speed can negatively affect your landing page. A fast loading page is a key ranking factor for mobile search. Most people will leave your landing page if to fails to load fast. A fast landing page speed could immensely improve your page conversion rate without changing any other thing about your landing page.

4. Uninteresting Headlines

The headline is the first thing people notice when they open your landing page. If your landing page heading is not captivating enough, it will negatively affect the page conversion. You must make use of a headline that works. Headlines that have a profound impact on people are often simple, straightforward, and stimulating. The same applies to the subheadings that complement the headline

5. Use a Provoking CTA

Call to action is the soul of landing page content. It directs the visitor on what to do. As such, you should try to make your landing page irresistible. Your landing page will be less effective for conversion if you use unprovoking CTA. Now the secret to increased conversion is including your CTA on a landing page with more frequency. Don’t use vague CTA like “Submit” or “Continue.” Use CTA that tells people what they get or gain after the push of the button. Use a CTA that’s consistent with what your business is offering.

6. Unattractive Visuals

The use of unattractive visuals could be the reason your landing page conversion is not effective. It’s good to use attractive pictures, but videos have a more significant impression on people. So strategically place exciting videos on your landing page. The thrilling video keeps people more engaged on your landing and makes your message affects people. It is also crucial to make your video contain your CTA. It’s the lifeblood of landing page content. 

There you have all you need to optimize your landing page. Either you have an existing landing page or planning to create one, make sure you take note of some of the factors highlighted above. Also, create a website or incorporate an existing one to your landing page to improve your landing page effectiveness. 

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