What Your LinkedIn Summary Says About You

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With the entry of Social Media and the Internet, networking automatically became more advanced. Every field of life adopted this opportunity to grow. Finding a job requires considerable attention and concern. Now that everything is more internet-based, people also prefer to be online-focused for job hunting. Several online platforms help you to find job opportunities and coach you along the way. LinkedIn is also the one very much preferred job-hunting platform. Companies also adopt this new trend and mainly recruit people through online platform. Besides your resume, your LinkedIn profile summary is also held huge importance in this job hunting and recruitment process. As a candidate, you need to put a significant focus on the presentation of your LinkedIn profile summary.

LinkedIn Profile Summary

Your LinkedIn profile summary helps you to get recruited for the specific job you want to pursue. Your profile is considered the direct reflection of you and your personality. Employers see your profile to judge you, your business ethics and your history. It is essential to put more focused attention while maintaining your profile summary. Here we summarized all things you need to know to do that.

  1. Barren Profile

A barren profile is enough to let people in your network know that you are lazy. The employer may immediately find you less qualified and not dedicated enough for the work. A LinkedIn profile that includes your achievement, rewards and areas of interest will help to let the employer know that you are an expert in your domain.

  1. Profile Picture

The profile photo is an essential part of your LinkedIn summary. The absence of a profile photo on your account may let the employer think that you may not be an actual person and high chances that they will pass you by. An updated, formal picture will highly gain few points for you from the business recruiter. 

  1. Creativity

It is essential to draft your headings with creativity. LinkedIn will use your job titles as headings and if they are boring or plain you may be passed by. Your headlines must be enticing enough to grab the attention of the recruiter and people from your network.

  1. Connectivity

Your LinkedIn connections also play an essential role in your profile summary. Lower than 500 connections would not be enough and give an impression that you are not good at networking. Gain about 500 or more connection as it will be prominent when someone checks your profile.

  1. Recommendations

A LinkedIn profile without recommendation would be like you are the only one that is talking about you. The proposal provides the validation that what you are saying about yourself is authentic. Strive for recommendations by requesting recommendation to people from your network that witnessed your work. 

How To Enhance Your Profile?

For gaining a stand-up position from your network, you need to maximize your LinkedIn profile. It will help you to gain more attention from employers. Make sure your profile is public so that more opportunities could reach you.  Update your profile and make sure you involve all the aspects. Keywords tags are essential. Make certain keyword tags would apply your expertise. 

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