FAQ’s About Eye Testing During a Pandemic

Living in the global pandemic era makes us develop some significant compromises to carry on with life besides taking care of our safety. COVID-19 spreads with full intensity, and lockdowns pushed people to cancel their routine appointments. According to the eye-care professionals, ocular health has been a neglected subject. A routine eye testing is not possible to be as smooth as before. Eye testing involves the complete checkup of the eyes to evaluate any less obvious but severe disease. Living through the second year of a pandemic requires people to make a compromise with it. Before leaving to go to your regular optometrist, learning about the frequently asked questions could bring you great ease. This will highly raise the level of your trust.

FAQs about Eye testing during a pandemic

Instead of wasting tons of your hard-earned money on some particular eye disease, it is safe to prevent its causes. The eyes are an essential and very vital part of the human body. Neglecting the routine eye testing would be able to cause some problems. However, in a pandemic, leaving your house to visit your optometrist is not as comfortable. This article encourages you to go through some of the primary and vital concerns before having an appointment.

  1. Can COVID-19 Affect Your Eyes?

As the said virus has been spreading devastating health impacts, it also seems to impact your eyes. COVID-19 could cause a pink eye infection known as conjunctivitis. However, the evidence is rare. If you get a pink eye infection, do not panic, and set an appointment with your optometrist.

  1. Can I Book an Appointment during Pandemic?

If you are due for eye testing, then it is essential to go to your eye care practice. The essential and necessary thing is to discuss your problem with your optometry expert beforehand. They will ask your information about your eye conditions and prioritize your practice on an urgent and emergency basis. It will help you to make an appointment when you are in actual need.

  1. How Will Appointment Work In Pandemic?

Before your physical appearance at the eye care clinic, you will most likely get called to ask about you and your family’s health condition. This will be a confirmation on the other side for ensuring safety.

  1. Is It Safe To Go For Appointment?

By taking care of your hygiene by following SOPs, you will go for your appointment with complete safety. Use of mask, sanitizer, and gloves will help you be safe and get done with the eye test.

  1. Can I Get Eye Testing Remotely?

By contacting your eye doctor, you can get remote eye testing. Your optometrist will ask you about the clarity of your vision. Some provided printable charts to check your eyesight without getting to the clinic.

  1. Should I Use Contacts In Pandemic?

According to some experts wearing contact lens during the pandemic is safe as long as you follow hygiene practices. Cleaning the lenses using the prescribed method will be effective.

  1. How Should I Clean Glasses During Pandemic?

Eyeglasses should be adequately cleaned to avoid any inconvenience. Use soap water to clean them daily, including the nose pad and sides. Optometry practices are essential at that tough time of the pandemic. 

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