Can You Be Doing More at Your Age?

As you get older, maybe even elderly, you may wonder how your age is actually affecting you. And if you have health conditions or are in hospice or assisted living care, your concern or curiosity about your abilities might feel even more poignant.  

If you find yourself thinking Can I be doing more at my age?, below are some points to consider.

What’s Your Attitude?

The mind holds a powerful influence over the body. Forget about your real age for a minute. How old do you feel? Pretty close to your real age? Older? Younger? Research discovered this subjective age affects your physical health.

Study participants between ages 66 and 98 who saw themselves as “old” and “frail” showed a noticeable drop in their health over the course of the study.

On the other hand, another study of 660 people led to the discovery that people who were middle-aged and had a positive view on aging tended to add 7.5 years to their lives compared to those with a negative view

So are you doing less than you can simply because you assume you should be at your age or is it because of your actual abilities?

Are You Trying to be Healthy?

Taking care of yourself isn’t always easy, and sometimes, due to health conditions, you might need help from family or hospice and assisted living caretakers. But do you, by yourself or with help, make sure you are getting the nutrition, exercise, medical care, and rest you need?

If you take the steps towards healthy overall living, don’t be surprised if those things you thought were because of your age go away or lessen in severity (Fatigue, forgetfulness, and minor aches are some examples.).

Start by trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Contrary to popular belief, how much sleep you need doesn’t decrease with age.

Are You Focusing Too Much on the Physical?

Some physical things naturally get harder to do as you age. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You doing “more” doesn’t have to mean being more physically active.

Instead, it could mean learning a new skill or hobby you can do at home. Take advantage of the internet to research your interests. You’ll find lots of how-to articles and videos to help you get started.

Learning something new sharpens your brain, helping your mental acuity. 

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

No matter what age you are, it can be tempting to compare how you’re doing to others within your age group, but don’t worry if others do better in one area or another. Focus on being your best you, find what works for you, and remember to enjoy life.

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