Best Resources For Optometry Students

Optometry is a broad discipline with a vast body of knowledge. So, studying never stops for students of optometry even after graduation. Studying and self-development is a continual process for them. As a student, you can’t rely solely on what you were taught in class alone to get a sufficient understanding of Optometry. To get a substantial and seasoned knowledge of optometry, you need to get familiar with reliable resources to acquire precise knowledge of optometry.

The best resources for optometry students are books with established optometry authority and web posts written by experts with seasoned knowledge and vast experience in the practice of optometry. In this article, you will be intimated with the best websites to source optometry resources and the best optometry reference texts to study. 

Let’s start with books. Here are the lists of some of the best books for optometry students. 

1. “The Wills Eye Manual: Office and Emergency Room Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease 7th Edition” by Nika Bagheri MD, Brynn Wajda MD, Charles Calvo MD, Alia Durrani MD.

This book provides excellent insight into the eye care profession. It is very engaging and easy to understand. It comes with an interactive eBook for apt comprehension.

2. “Clinical Procedures for Ocular Examination, 4th Edition” written by Nancy B. Carlson, Daniel Kurtz.  

This is an essential resourceful textbook that captures every core clinical eye examination procedure. It contains elaborate step-by-step guidance on how to confidently perform all major examination techniques, which are further described by purpose and indication.

3. “Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System, 3rd Edition” written by Lee Ann Remington OD MS FAAO, Denise Goodwin. 

This textbook provides detailed knowledge of eye anatomy. The book is very useful to those preparing for Part 1 of the National Boards

4. “Kanski’s Clinical Ophthalmology: A Systematic Approach, 8th Edition” by Jack J. Kanski MD MS FRCS FRCOphth, Brad Bowling FRCSEd(Ophth) FRCOphth FRANZCO. 

This textbook is relevant at various levels of optometry study.

5. “Atlas of Retinal OCT: Optical Coherence Tomography, 1st Edition” by Jay S. Duker MD, Nadia K Waheed MD MPH, Darin Goldman MD. 

This is a practical text about some specific clinical test procedures. It features more than 1,000 illustrations of retinal diseases using OCT scans.

In addition to the textbook mentioned above. Some optometry knowledge-based website is highly recommendable to optometry students. These websites keep students updated on new technology in the market and also inform students about interesting clinical cases to prepare students for what it is like to be a fresh graduate of optometry.

Examples of highly resourceful optometry websites are:


A student created this website to serve as a platform for optometry students to exchange ideas. All articles are written by current optometry students and different topics ranging from residencies vs. fellowships, interesting patient cases, the scope of practice debates, and a wide array of clinical pearls.


The website helps students understand more about Optometry practice, clinical cases, and treatment pearl. It aids students smooth transition from optometry school to practice.


The site offers current diagnostic and treatment technology, new management options for ocular conditions, updates contact lens technology, and many more. Experts in the field of optometry write articles on the sites.


The website provides information to help students and clinicians manage issues of Gas permeable contact lenses. 


The website offers students and clinicians adequate information about Optometry related issues. It also provides students a free study guide for NBEO part 1 students. 

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