3 Tips For Eye Safety At Home

Despite being a place of comfort, the home is not excluded from eye injury incidents. Half of the eye injuries that happen every year happen at home. Eye injury might occur while doing daily chores like cutting the grass, working in the garage, cleaning, drilling holes in the wall, and preparing meals. There are different hazards in and around your home that could permanently injure or damage your eyes. Little things like pen, pencils could cause eye injuries. Toys can even cause more damaging eye injuries. Most of these eye injuries are caused by carelessness. Some people often forget about observing health safety at home when cooking, cleaning the yard, working in the garage, and trimming the lawn. This negligence often results in preventable eye injuries.

Here are three vital health safety tips to prevent eye injuries at home.

1. Use Protective Eyewear

Make it mandatory to wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side protection to prevent objects and chemicals from entering the eyes from different angles. Before working on the lawn, put on your safety glasses and check the lawn to remove any objects or debris that could become projectiles. Also, use safety glasses before using the power mower. Chemicals are very harmful to the eyes, too. Always wear your safety glasses when applying pesticides to your yard. While cooking, avoid allowing a piece of onion, garlic, hot peppers, or oil from getting into your eye. These are very painful and irritating to the eye. You can prevent your eyes from these hazards by wearing a face shield while cooking.

2. Carefully Read Products Labels

Too bad some people don’t even read product labels. You need to cultivate the habits of reading and following all of the product instructions on power tools you’ll be operating, and heed the warnings on the chemical bottles and packaging you’re using. One of the instructions could be to a product where children and pets shouldn’t touch it.

3. Protect Your Eyes From Cleaning Products

Cleaning products such as bleach, cleaners, and other household chemical cleaning products cause over 125,000 eye injuries each year. Wear eye protection whenever you use these chemical products. Avoid touching any part of your face while using and chemicals. Also, it endeavors to always wash your hands properly after using them.

Finally, it is expedient to handle the issue of eye injury with care when one happens. If a foreign object enters the eye, you can flush it out with water. If something more harmful enters the eye, don’t try to remove it with your hand. If it requires medical attention, you can shield the look with a paper cup en route to the hospital.

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