Our Surroundings Can Affect Our Feelings

Whether we like it or not, our environment can affect our moods, health, and energy. Issues like seasonal depression and stressful situations can negatively impact us. Even if we can’t control our outside world, there are some ways that we can handle these issues. Our health and nutrition are essential. Here are some ways to mitigate challenging environments to improve our holistic health while also reducing the stress in our daily lives.

Create a Positive Environment Where You Can

Many of us, at the very least, have our separate rooms or even our apartments. Did you know that color can affect our mood? For example, if darker colors surround you, you might feel more depressed and upset. On the contrary, if bright colors surround you, you might feel more energetic and animated. Everyone is different but if you know that darker colors negatively influence your mood, be sure to stay away from those.  

Clear Away the Clutter

If you have a messy home and you always feel stressed, it isn’t a coincidence. People who have more clutter in their lives tend to feel more tension. Regularly cleaning up and keeping things orderly can help you get a breath of fresh air and calm down. If you take away anything from this list, this is probably the most important one of all!

Resolve and Eliminate Conflicting Situations

We have all had difficult roommates or people that we have to deal with. But did you ever realize that their presence can create adverse physical and mental effects within you? People who feel stressed because of complicated interpersonal relationships often exhibit symptoms. Some of them complain about being ill all the time, while others complain about the odd headache and heightened anxiety. If you have any of these situations in your life, do your best to work through them and give yourself the comfort you deserve.

Let the Sunshine In!  

Sunshine is vital for people’s moods. There’s a reason that people complain when winter comes. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not fake, and it is a genuine issue for people who live in colder climates. Sunlight might not be available all the time, but find a way to increase the light in your life. This might be livening up your living space or taking extra time when the sun does visit during the winter. Either way, don’t be afraid to let the sunshine in and improve your health.  

Your holistic health is often taken for granted, but it is an essential thing that you have to manage. Aside from your health and nutrition that you generally worry about, there are environmental issues that people must handle. If you live in a situation where you feel depressed and stressed, work to fix the issues you can handle. You must maintain your health and nutrition and recognize your holistic health. External influences affect us much more than we think. To be our healthiest, we must take care of ourselves entirely and holistically rather than in segments.

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